How to do a manicure?

It is better to give preference to quality and hypoallergenic products. So, for a home procedure, you will need:

  • Scissors or nail clippers.
  • Files for shaping the nail plate, grinding and polishing it, differing in grain size. They can be glass, ceramic or made of abrasive chips applied to a substrate.
  • Burr knife.
  • Conveniently shaped pliers.
  • A wooden stick (usually from an orange tree, which contains oil useful for nails) or a metal spatula to push back the cuticle.
  • An agent that slows down the growth of a keratinous strip of skin around the nail.

This list can be considered universal: it includes the minimum list of adaptations necessary for both women and men. They can be purchased either individually or as part of a ready-made set. Surgical alloy is considered the most successful material for metal instruments. It keeps sharpening longer and does not oxidize.

When it comes to unedged manicure, you must also choose a tool to soften and dissolve the stratum corneum.

To care for women's hands, you will also need nail polish, nail polish remover, base and fixer. If desired, you can also use drying to speed up the curing process of the coating.

Sequence of actions

Hand care includes carrying out several procedures in a strictly defined order. Changing the sequence will result in unnecessary injury, which means your fingers will look untidy.

So, to get the right manicure, you need to:

  • Remove the remnants of the previous coating using a nail polish remover. It is better to use a product that does not contain acetone. It acts more gently on the nails without drying them out.
  • Use nail files to shape the nails as desired and then polish them. It should be remembered that it is worth moving from the edges of the plate to its center, filing the nail in one direction. The free edge of the plate must be at least 1 mm. If we are talking about men's or children's manicure, the contour of the natural nail should be repeated. And the table will help women choose the most successful form:
Natural data Optimal form
Long thin fingers with a square cuticle and a long nail bed. Nails are thin and brittleSquare, square with rounded edges
Wide palms with large fingers. Short nails with a trapezoidal cuticleRound, crescent-shaped
Any shape of the hands and cuticles. Strong nailsOval
Graceful hands with long thin fingers. Long nails with triangular cuticlesPointed
  • Make a warm hand bath to soften and steam the cuticles. If you plan to remove the stratum corneum using an electric manicure device, the water procedure should be postponed. This is due to the fact that its attachment will give the best results when working with dry skin.
  • Separate the softened cuticle from the nail plate using a stick or spatula. This should be done very carefully and carefully so as not to allow breaks in the contour.
  • Remove cuticles using nippers, scissors, or a dedicated unedged manicure product.
  • Apply to the skin around the nail any agent that slows down the growth of the cuticle.
  • When making a woman's manicure, the next step is to apply varnish. Its shade should be in harmony with the color of the skin and clothing. The first layer is to apply a base that protects the nails from yellowing and smooths their surface. Then you need to apply 1 or 2 layers of varnish of the selected color. The finishing touch is a hardener that increases the strength of the coating.

How to properly cover your nails with varnish is shown in the picture:

For special occasions

On the eve of the celebrations, you can design your nails in an unusual way... This will give the image a zest, complete it. Several ideas on how to get a beautiful manicure at home are presented in the following videos.

Instructions for creating an ombre effect:

Playful manicure with a font:

How to create a popular water (marble) manicure today:

Disinfection of instruments should be neglected. This is especially true if several people use the same set of devices. Such a tactic will avoid introducing contaminants and bacteria into an accidental wound. This means it will help keep nails and hand skin healthy and beautiful.