How to disassemble a plastic window?

The practicality and reliability of plastic windows have become the main reasons for their popularity. After installation, they do not require special care, they can perfectly perform their functions both in residential premises and in industrial, commercial buildings. However, a situation may arise when a complete or partial dismantling of the structure is required. How to disassemble a plastic window with the possibility of subsequent installation? To do this, you must first familiarize yourself with its structure.


The window consists of several elements. Together, they determine its functional and performance properties. The most common configuration is with a mullion division (into blind and rotary parts).

It consists of several parts.

  1. Frame. A supporting structure that is attached to the window opening. It is necessary for fixing double-glazed windows and transoms.
  2. Sash. Opening part of the window, providing fresh air flow into the room from the street.
  3. Impost. Divides the structure into 2 or more parts.
  4. Beads. The glass unit is fixed in the frame or sash.
  5. Fittings. Provides the ability to open the sash in various modes - pivoting, tilt-and-turn, fanlight.

Window disassembly is a phased dismantling of each of the above components. Consider the most difficult option, when it is necessary to completely disassemble the structure, while maintaining the integrity of all elements.

Dismantling double-glazed windows

Before disassembling a plastic window, you should remove all unnecessary near it - furniture, foreign objects. They shouldn't interfere with the process. The leaf is in the closed state, its position is fixed with a handle. A small chisel is required to remove the glazing beads. Its working end is inserted between the vertical glazing bead and the frame profile (sash). This must be done in the middle of the structure so as not to damage the window.

A small click will indicate that the glazing bead mounting leg is out of the frame groove. The rest are dismantled according to the same scheme.

It is forbidden to open the sash or exert any other mechanical effect on the glass units after removing the glazing beads. This can lead to their loss.

The double-glazed windows are fixed in the frame with the help of special pads - folded ones, on top of which the distance ones are installed. Then, using a chisel, the upper lining is pushed on and carefully removed. To ensure occupational safety, further work should be carried out only with protective cotton gloves.

After breaking the fixation of the glass unit, you can proceed to dismantle it. It is best to do this work together. The upper edge is pushed in and the structure tilts towards the room. At the same time, it is necessary to hold the glass unit. Then, grasping the side ends, you can put it away from the window.

Removing the sash correctly

The technology of dismantling the sash does not depend on its type - swing or swing-out.

Pliers can be used as a tool. The decorative overlays are preliminarily removed from the hinges. This procedure should be carried out carefully, as there is a high probability of damage or deformation. Then you can proceed directly to dismantling.

  1. The sash is adjacent to the frame, is not closed.
  2. Use pliers to remove the upper and then the lower hinge pins.
  3. To remove the swing-out sash from the frame hinge, the entire structure must be lifted upwards.

Disassembly of other fittings should only be carried out by professionals. All moving elements are interconnected by special hidden hooks. Damage to them will lead to inoperability of the fittings.

To remove the window handle it is necessary to move the decorative strip on its front panel. Using a screwdriver, the screws are unscrewed and the handle is removed.

Dismantling the frame

This is one of the most difficult work steps. To maintain the integrity of the frame profile, the outer and inner slopes must be removed. It is necessary to free the mounting foam and anchor plates from the decorative layer.

In the lower horizontal part of the frame, there is almost always a Mauerlat - a mounting profile. A window sill and an ebb tide are attached to it. Therefore, before removing the frame, the ebb is first unscrewed and the window sill is dismantled.

Then foam is cut around the entire perimeter of the frame. This can be done using a hacksaw for wood. Use a screwdriver or screwdriver to unscrew the dowels on the anchor plates. After a slight loosening of the frame, it is removed from the window opening.

For clarity of the process, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the video material.

The dismantling technology may vary depending on the configuration of the structure. But in any case, it is necessary to observe not only the sequence of operations, but also the safety rules. And then individual elements or the entire window as a whole can be installed in the new opening.