How to determine the size of the clothes?

While buying new clothes is often a joy, you don't want to spend too much time looking for the right thing. You can significantly speed up the process by knowing exactly what size should be taken from the hanger in the store. And when purchasing outfits via the Internet, you cannot do without this data.

So how to determine the size of clothing for men and women? What data should be used when calculating the coveted value? And what about the products manufactured by foreign manufacturers?

Women's sizes

Most often, women are well-versed in the size of clothes, and sometimes even know how to select the right things by eye. However, even they sometimes make annoying mistakes. To avoid them, it is recommended to study which parameters need to be taken into account.

Determining the size of clothing should begin with the correct measurement. In this case, 3 measurements are required: bust, waist and hips. In order for the numbers to be as reliable as possible, it is advisable to undress to your underwear before starting the procedure and call someone from the household for help.

  • Measuring the girth of the chest involves the passage of a measuring tape along the most prominent points of the mammary glands and shoulder blades.
  • In order to obtain the correct waist circumference, you should not forcefully suck in the stomach. And you need to place the tape exactly where the narrowest part of the body is located, and not at the level of the waist of your trousers or skirt.
  • Hip circumference requires that the centimeter runs over the most prominent areas of the buttocks and thighs.

In all three cases, the usual posture should be maintained. In addition, the resulting lines should run parallel to the floor.

Having memorized the measurement results, you can proceed to finding out the size. The generally accepted standards used in Russia and other countries are shown in the illustration:

Men's sizes

Representatives of the strong half of humanity often rely on their women: mothers, wives, sisters, etc. However, sometimes they still have to figure out on their own how to determine the size of clothes? To get the coveted figures, you will have to take up the centimeter tape again.

  • The chest circumference in men is also focused on the most prominent points of the chest and back and runs under the armpits.
  • Waist circumference is measured at the narrowest part of the torso. Typically, this line runs just above the navel.
  • Sleeve length is the sum of two measurements. The first can be obtained by applying the beginning of a centimeter to the protruding vertebra at the base of the neck and finding the distance between it and the shoulder joint. The second measurement is taken from the end point of the previous one to the wrist bone.
  • The circumference of the neck is 2 cm above the junction of the neck and shoulders, under the Adam's apple.

Having received all the data, you can look for your size in the picture:

And the last measurement - the girth of the neck - will help determine which shirt should be purchased. You can rely on the following table:

Russia and Europe373839/404142434445
America14 ½1515 ½1616 ½1717 ½18

Also, before buying a shirt, you need to remember your height.

Clothes for all

Most often, jeans manufacturers, when labeling their products, do not distinguish between women's and men's sizes. Therefore, when choosing this item of wardrobe, regardless of gender, you can be guided by the following ratio of domestic sizes and the designations used for this clothing:

Russian size404244/4648/505254/5658
Denim Labels24/2526/2728/2930/3132/3334/3638/40


Despite the simplicity of the described algorithm, to determine the size of the clothes correctly, you should take into account some of the nuances.

  • English sizes are exactly the same as American markings.
  • If the measurements taken are different sizes, consider the type of clothing you intend to purchase. For example, when buying trousers or a skirt, you should focus on the girth of the waist and hips, and when looking for a blouse or jumper, use the data obtained when measuring the chest.
  • The type of fabric is also of great importance when choosing clothes for a disproportionate figure. For example, jersey or stretch will stretch, but if over-fitted, they show all the details of the underwear. But the suit fabric, on the contrary, is very dense, and the purchase of a jacket that is too narrow can definitely be called a waste of money.
  • Some types of domestic clothing are also marked by height. However, you can only find a full range of such products in factories. The lion's share of other outlets offers only 2-3 medium sizes.
  • For those who are too short, sometimes it makes sense to try on clothes of a smaller size. And tall women and men often have to settle for freer models.
  • Before buying clothes online, you should carefully read the labeling tables offered by the manufacturer. Sometimes the parameters specified in them differ slightly from the generally accepted ones.
  • If the figures obtained as a result of measurement are borderline, when determining the size, you should take into account the usual style of clothing. Those who prefer tight-fitting things can choose a smaller marking, and fans of free models - a larger one.

Difficulties with buying clothes most often disappear after correctly determining the right size for a person. But even this knowledge does not eliminate the need to try on the selected models. After all, the fit of a particular thing largely depends on the characteristics of the figure, which cannot be taken into account in the mass production of clothing.