How to define a love spell?

Often, even in the modern world, people influence each other in magical ways. Especially often recourse to witchcraft occurs to resolve love issues. In order to be able to defend yourself against a witchcraft in time, you need to know how to determine a love spell.

Primary (weak) signs of a love spell

The very first sign of a love spell and generally any influence in the form of damage (by the way, a love spell is damage) can serve as a sharp deterioration in well-being against the background of seemingly complete health. Incomprehensible pain throughout the body, migraines, asymptomatic rise in temperature several times, insomnia or, conversely, severe drowsiness and constant fatigue should alert.

Some bewitched people noted another interesting fact - they woke up every night at the same time with a feeling of anxiety and an incomprehensible premonition of something bad. Others began to have nightmares or obsessive dreams of a sexual nature, often with the participation of a bewitching person.

Many bewitchments lose their appetite. About such people say "a piece does not fit in the throat." Favorite food causes nausea and disgust. Someone, on the contrary, begins to intensively absorb huge amounts of food that were previously eaten in a few days.

A person, already almost deprived of will by means of a love spell, greatly changes his appearance. He seems to "fall off the face." The blush disappears, the expression in the eyes becomes dull and joyless, posture and figure immediately lose their former form. Others notice that the person seems to be very tired or constantly does not get enough sleep.

All these signs of a love spell appear either at the very beginning of the magical actions undertaken, or when everything is completed, but the witchcraft has not gained the necessary strength. With such symptoms, the guardian angel is trying to give a signal to the protected person of an impending disaster.

Secondary (enhanced) signs of love spell

After the detection of the listed signs, other symptoms gradually come out, indicating that love damage has pierced the aura of the bewitched and has already begun to launch young roots into his body and soul.

An unbearable melancholy falls on the victim, and in his thoughts more and more often one or one who has not even been remembered before. I would like to see, hear and at least somehow get in touch with my “mental rapist”. After such a meeting and communication, there is a slight relief, because there was a recharge. As soon as the victim is without the object of imposed adoration, she immediately feels all the suffering, but with a noticeable increase.

A person can be tormented by sexual fantasies involving a bewitching person. He begins to be constantly pursued by wild passion and lust in relation to the "owner" of the heart. Indeed, penetrating into the family nest by means of black magic, the bewitching harms everyone who is connected by blood with the bewitched.