How to decorate a playground with your own hands?

To make it comfortable for children to be on the playground created for them, it must be properly decorated. Moreover, this design should not only cause joy and interest in the kids, but also contribute to their development. How to decorate a playground with your own hands beautifully and profitably? To do this, you can use a variety of materials.

Objects made of logs, wooden posts

It is known that children tend to constantly move. They love to jump, run, overcome obstacles. Therefore, a few dug-in columns, different in height, will certainly appeal to children:

The hemp painted in the form of little men will delight the eyes of children, and the drawn numbers will help them learn to count correctly.

A fun steam locomotive will become a playful and decorative element:

Log-trailers are installed on the “wheels” located across, in special recesses. A pipe is attached. And, of course, you must not forget to draw a funny face for the locomotive. How many kids can fit on such a wonderful "locomotive"!

Design elements from tires

This material is widely used for arranging children's areas. The good thing about rubber is that it can be cut and bent. Convenient and round shape of tires. It allows you to create figures of different animals, such as horses:

To make animals, you will also need to cut a tail and a head with a neck out of wood. These elements should be well fixed, for which slots are made in the rubber.

But what kind of sandbox can be made from multi-colored halves of tires:

It is convenient to paint parts from a spray can. The "petals" are connected with a wire or dug into the ground. In such an original sandbox, the game will be doubly interesting!

An invariably good mood will give all participants of the site the sun:

size. The face needs to be cut out of what is at hand: plastic, plywood; linoleum is also suitable.

The base of the sun is dug into the ground. Along the line of the circle, the unscrewed caps from the bottles are fastened with self-tapping screws with the same pitch, then the containers themselves are screwed into them. The result is rays. The face is also screwed on with self-tapping screws. The sun is painting.

Crafts from plastic bottles

The answer to the question of how you can decorate a playground with your own hands is given by craftsmen. They offer to turn unnecessary bottles into real creative masterpieces. For a playground, amazing flowers are obtained from such material - daisies, bells, as well as various animals... And, of course, these palms, as if alive, will cause indescribable delight in the children:

The structure of trees consists of a frame, for which metal rods are used, and parts planted on it - bottles cut in a certain way.

Painting stones

On the site, you can take a place and boulders. They make beautiful decorative frames, for which the stones are painted in different colors. Boulders are also nice to "revive" by painting them in the form of animals. For example, a small artificial reservoir will look great, on the edge of which funny fish-stones will be located. A curled up cat can be placed near the fence - also a painted stone. A cheerful family of ladybugs will also delight children:

Thus, there are many ways to beautifully decorate a playground. And kids will certainly appreciate the efforts of adults!