How to decorate a denim jacket.

Every woman has at least one denim jacket in her wardrobe. This thing is truly unique: it almost never goes out of fashion, only its shape, color and design change.

Of course, having walked around in your favorite jacket for a season (or even two), you want to buy yourself a new ultra-fashionable jeans. But don't be in a hurry to part with your old friend! Pieces of fabric, braid, lace, appliques, rhinestones, beads and other, sometimes completely unexpected little things, plus your imagination and diligence, can sometimes not just breathe new life into a familiar denim jacket, but create a unique designer thing.

There are many ways to decorate old jeans. You can choose the one that suits you from the examples below, or experiment and create your own unique look by combining the decor options you like. And there is plenty to choose from!

Stock up with pins

To to create a spectacular pattern of pins on a jacket, large financial investments and a lot of time will not be required. It is enough to come up with a pattern (it can be wings, a star, a butterfly, a flower, a heart, etc.), transfer its contours to the part of the jacket that you are going to decorate, and pin the pins. The latter, by the way, should be of different sizes: this way it will be easier for you to make smooth beautiful transitions with their help.

A little trick: start with the outline of the drawing, and then fill in the middle. To prevent the pins from accidentally opening, at the end of the work, be sure to squeeze them on the side where they close. This can be done with pliers or fingers.

We combine denim with bright overlays made of fabric or leather

Pieces of fabric of different size and texture can make an ultra-fashionable designer thing out of an ordinary denim jacket. At the same time, the costs for such a decor are minimal: you can make stripes from any old thing or buy a small piece of the material you like in the store. Camouflage fabric (military style), options with floral and animal prints, romantic lace are especially popular.

Contrasting overlays are most often used to decorate shoulders, pockets, cuffs, and back. The fabric is sewn by hand, on a sewing machine or fixed with hot glue. If you use the first method, then fasten the patch along the seam: in this case, it can be removed at any time without damaging the jacket.

Fabric stripes, additionally decorated with rhinestones, rivets, braid, look beautiful.

The fashionable option this season is a denim jacket with knitted or leather sleeves.

Equip yourself with scissors

With this tailoring tool, you can easily transform an old denim jacket into a cropped bolero jacket or a popular among young people model with slits and fringes.

The first option is extremely simple, you just need to measure and cut off the bottom of the jacket, and then make a neat line, or better - a bar.

By adding a needle and sandpaper (zero) to your "arsenal" of scissors, a classic denim item can be decorated with stylish scuffs, cuts and fringes. The first ones are also easy to arrange with a ripper or a grater with convex holes (use with caution, rub exclusively in a horizontal direction!).

Helpful hint: treat the holes in the stretch fabric around the perimeter with nail polish (select different shades, add sparkles). The varnish will help to avoid further tears and arrows.

It is advisable, before you start decorating a jacket, to evaluate your capabilities by experimenting on old jeans.

Rhinestones, sequins, beads and other shiny elements

Such accessories can be used alone or as an addition to other decorations: fabric overlays, appliqués, embroidery and etc.

Beads and sequins are sewn on or glued with hot glue, rhinestones are fixed to the fabric using an ordinary iron.

First, on a piece of paper, sketch out an approximate pattern that you want to decorate with beads (rhinestones, beads, bugles, etc.), transfer it to the jacket and lay out the decoration. It is important here to avoid being oversaturated with shiny elements, otherwise the thing will turn out to be vulgar. Fix all parts only after preliminary fitting.

It is even easier to buy a ready-made flower, a bow, a butterfly made of beads or sequins, a ribbon with rhinestones, ornaments from beads or bugles. Such products are wonderfully combined with lace inserts.

Fashion rivets

If you do not like sewing and have a poor idea of ​​how to work with hot glue, then decorate your jacket with rivets. They come in different shapes and sizes, be they small round buttons, square elements, and even spikes. The latter are especially popular among young people.

It is very simple to fasten the rivets on the jacket: they have sharp “legs” that need to be bent from the inside of the jeans (they have previously pierced the fabric). Do this with extreme caution as there is a risk of injury. After finishing work, check all the elements: they should be very tightly pressed.

Experimenting with patches and appliques

Ready-made appliques have an adhesive base: just attach them to the chosen place on the jacket and iron them thoroughly with an iron for at least a minute. You will have to tinker with the patches a little longer: they are sewn on or fixed with hot glue.

And although a lot of different stickers and patches are sold in shops offering sewing accessories, in markets and even in underground passages, some women of fashion are trying to come up with their own unique version of such a decor. "Home" applications can be made from old denim things (voluminous denim flowers look beautiful), leather, any other fabric, knitted elements.

Denim with embroidery

How to decorate a denim jacket for a girl who prefers a romantic style of dress? Choose your embroidery. If you are familiar with satin stitch or cross - go for it. For those who are not strong in this matter, we advise you to contact the master. Machine embroidery will cost less, manual work will cost more, but in the latter case, you will become the owner of an absolutely unique thing.

First draw the pattern, transfer it to the fabric and embroider. The hoop will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of decorating jeans. For embroidery, buy special threads - floss. The finished jewelry can be additionally decorated with thorns, rhinestones, beads or braid.

We draw on denim

In order to create a unique pattern on an old jeans jacket, you should buy special paints and a pencil for fabric, brushes and small sponges, a contour.

If you are good at drawing, then first make a sketch (you can immediately on the jacket), then outline its contours and use sponges (use brushes for small details) to paint it.

Are you not very friendly with a brush and paints? This is not a reason to despair. The drawing on the jacket can be applied using a stencil and sponges, after which you can make a contour (or do without it, if it was originally intended so). The finished product, as in the case of embroidery, can be decorated with a shiny "trifle".

Warm version of a denim jacket

A bold decision - decorating an old denim jacket with fur. Such decor is more appropriate on warmed models, but if you are the owner of light jeans, then in addition to a fur collar, cuffs or a fluffy placket, you can also sew a lining for a jacket.

Fur jewelry is best done removable.