How to decorate a class for the New Year with your own hands?

New Year is perhaps the most memorable holiday. And everyone wants it to be bright and outstanding. One way to create the right mood is to decorate the room in a variety of ways. It is clear that the school assembly hall will be decorated by joint efforts, but how nice it is when the decoration of your class also sets you up for a festive mood. How to decorate a class for the New Year with your own hands so that this time will be remembered for a long time and exclusively in a positive way? Let's consider some aspects.

General notes on interior decorating

It is clear that the purpose of the class is to conduct training sessions in it. Its decorative potential is not very great, however, if you wish (especially if you turn on your imagination to the maximum), you can still make a bright, festive room from a strict room without making significant changes to the interior. How can this be achieved? There are different ways.

To begin with, let's decide: why do you need to decorate the class - for a festive evening or just so that it was smart on the days before the holidays, while classes are being held there? In the first case, you can move the desks to one side or put them in such a way that they serve as a common table. It is better to remove the visual aids that are not fixed capitally. Agree, a diagram of the gastrointestinal tract or similar images next to jewelry will not look very festive.

In the second case, everything can be left as it is, and not very romantic posters can be disguised with tinsel or "rain". A small fake tree is fine if you place it somewhere in the corner so that it doesn't get in the way of moving around the classroom. It is better to choose plastic toys for her: firstly, they are cheaper than glass ones, and secondly, they are less traumatic. Although now it is not so easy to find glass Christmas tree decorations, while plastic ones are sold literally on every corner.

We decorate walls and windows

How to decorate the walls? The most common and inexpensive way is with colored paper garlands. If you spend time and effort and make exclusive jewelry, it will look individual and will surely be remembered for a long time. If, for some reason, there is no time for needlework, buy garlands in the store - the choice is richest. Electric garlands will look even better, since there is no shortage of them - of any variety and of any style - now either.

Decorating windows for the New Year is perhaps the most advantageous moment: openwork figures on a transparent background look just great. And again, you are faced with a choice: buy them in the store or do it yourself? It is possible this way and that - everywhere there are pluses and minuses. Just do not forget, when cutting out snowflakes, that they are only six-rayed, nature does not do others! But Chinese products can have eight beams - this is technologically easier to manufacture; if you are satisfied with such a falsity, you can buy it.

In addition to snowflakes, it is permissible to stick other figures on the windows: Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden; the sleigh, on which they arrived from Veliky Ustyug (if you are not aware, then their "official residence" is located there); some bunnies, squirrels, chanterelles and so on. The electric garland on the window (preferably around its perimeter) will also look great. Especially in the dark, when the light bulbs start to reflect in the glass. And in winter, the dark comes quickly.

Decorating the ceiling

Decorating the ceiling is more difficult than walls and windows. A stepladder is needed, especially if the classroom has high ceilings (this is often the case in old schools). The main problem here will be this: where to attach the jewelry? Of course, primarily for lighting. If there is an Armstrong-type suspended ceiling in the classroom, then something can be hooked onto the duralumin frame, but such a ceiling is not everywhere.

The garlands and other decorations you choose to hang from the ceiling should be light enough. Fixtures for lighting fixtures and false ceilings already carry a certain load, and their margin of safety is not unlimited. Well, see that the garlands, hanging down, do not interfere with moving around the classroom. On this, perhaps, you can complete the tips on how to decorate the class for the New Year with your own hands. And do not forget that the holidays are passing, and the children are still studying in this room, which means that all decorations should be removed without any problems, leaving no traces.