How to cut a Yorkie?

Among the many qualities that the Yorkshire Terrier possesses, the coat is the main decoration and distinguishing feature of the breed. Rather, not even wool, but hair - long, silky, soft wave accompanying every movement of the dog. It looks like a standard haircut, but besides it, there are many others. Yorkshire Terrier is a true find for connoisseurs of creativity. Depending on how you cut your Yorkie's hair, he will look either a glamorous creature or a lively and hooligan dog. And at the same time he will remain himself - cheerful, curious and devoted to the owner.

The process of training a haircut

A haircut is an integral part of the life of a Yorkshire Terrier, and you need to teach a puppy to this procedure from the first months. Yorkie's puppy coat differs in color and structure from the adult "outfit" - it is darker and has an undercoat that must be combed out. It is with combing that the introduction of the dog (and the owners) to the wisdom of grooming begins.

Brush the puppy, placing it on the table. The comb should have rounded teeth. If the wool has rolled up in places, sprinkle it with crushed chalk and carefully untangle it. It is useful to put next to those tools that will have to be used in the future - a typewriter, a nail clipper, so that the dog gets used to their appearance.

Most of the problems usually arise with cars - animals are instinctively afraid of humming metal "monsters". The main thing is to act in stages, not rushing things. It is necessary, distracting the pet with treats and conversations, to turn on the trimmer for a few minutes, but not use it yet. When the puppy realizes that the buzzing object is not dangerous, you can lightly move the switched on (with a sheathed knife) machine along the back and neck of the animal. As a result, the dog will perceive the vibration from the instrument as a pleasant massage.


A hygienic grooming is essential for a dog's health. It is advised to start it from 4-5 months of age. Areas under the tail, around the genitals and the base of the tail below, 2-3 cm from the root are cut short. Also, the hair in the armpits and between the pads of the fingers is shortened as much as possible, that is, where it gets dirty and rolls off the most.

Clipping the nails is also an obligatory hygienic procedure. At the same time, the rule is observed: it is better to shorten the claws more often, but little by little, because there is a risk of damaging the blood channel. This will cause pain to the dog, in the future it will be afraid of claws. The claw is removed at the angle at which natural grinding occurs, i.e. parallel to the soil. The dewclaws and "fifth" claws are also shortened. The procedure is best done immediately after bathing - a steamed claw is much more pliable.

Wool is plucked from the auricles by hand or with eyebrow tweezers. A cropped forehead and funny bell-bottoms will emphasize that this is a boy-dog. A Yorkshire girl can be decorated with a "skirt", ponytails and a top-knot with rhinestones. Imitations of other breeds are popular, the "Chinese crested" and "schnauzer" are especially good.

The video shows an example of a haircut that suits everyone. It is remarkable that the four-legged "client" clearly enjoys the process. Dogs are intelligent animals. They are well aware that after a haircut it will be much easier to move.


How to do without a clipper

Owners who want to cut their pets on their own can recommend a special low-noise clipper. But if the dog is very afraid of the trimmer (previously received cuts), then you can do without an electrical appliance altogether.

Before you cut a Yorkie yourself with scissors for the first time, you need to take care of purchasing a special tool:

Scissors need special, safe ones. They have a rounded blade and a set of combs. You can work with such scissors without fear of injuring the doggie, even the most nimble one. The result is quite good: