How to convert Word to PDF?

PDF has long been the “standard” for publishing official documents. Resumes, business letters, price lists and other documents are published mainly in PDF format, because no matter which program you open it, the text formatting will remain the same as in the original file from which it was converted. But in the case of documents in Word-formats, problems can often arise, because different editors format texts "in their own way".

As a result, when you open any DOC file in Open Office, tables, alignments, etc. may "drop out". To avoid this, use the PDF format for viewing documents. But how do you convert Word to PDF?

In fact, there is nothing difficult in converting a Word file to PDF. There are many ways to translate documents from one format to another, but in this article we will talk about the most basic and simple ones.

1. MS Office 2007 and higher

Perhaps the simplest and most accessible way for many PC users to convert files from one format to another is Office from Microsoft. A regular Word editor can convert files from one format to another, and it's completely free. True, the ability to translate into PDF-format appeared in versions of MS Office 2007 and higher.

To translate a Word document into PDF using the Word editor, you need to open the document and click on the round button with the Office icon at the top. Then select the "Save As" tab and go to the "PDF or XPS" tab.

The editor will ask you to name the file and specify its location. We confirm the saving of the file with the "Publish" button.

Thus, with the help of Microsoft Office, you converted a Word file to PDF.

2. Open Office

If you use the Open Office package as an editor for documents, then you can transfer a document from one format to another in about the same "resave". Open the document in the "Open Office", click on the "File / File" button and go to the "Export to PDF / Export PDF" tab. The same action can be performed by clicking on the icon with the signature "PDF", which is located on the main panel.

Next, give a name to the file and click on "Save / Save".

3. Sites-online converters

On the wave of popularity of the PDF-format, so-called online converters appeared. In fact, these are ordinary web services that allow you to translate documents from one format to another.

How can I convert a Word document to PDF using a web service? All services are of the same type, and the process of converting files is reduced to the following:

  1. Open the site in a browser.
  2. Go to the "Convert / Convert" button.
  3. Specify your document and click on "Convert".
  4. Download the finished document from the link provided.

There are quite a few file conversion services, but the ones presented below are perhaps the most popular:

http: //www.doc2pdf. net / ru convert-to-pdf

4. Third-party utilities

In the absence of MS Office and Open Office, as well as the Internet on a PC, you can use third-party utilities. If you do not know which program to convert a document to PDF, then here is a small list of software: PDF To Word Converter Free, UniPDF Converter, Free PDF to Word Converter. It is enough to enter the name into the search and download the utility you need.

This video demonstrates how to convert Word documents to PDF files:

The process of converting from one format to another takes less than a minute. As a result, the user gets an easy-to-view file that does not have any displacement of paragraphs, text and other formatting errors.