How to compress a photo in Photoshop?

In our digital age, photography has become commonplace, not the complex activity it was 25 years ago. Mobile phones, tablets, cheap "soap dishes" have automated this difficult process to the limit. Therefore, it is not surprising that today the average computer user has tens, hundreds, or even thousands of his own digital images stored on a variety of storage media. There is an active exchange of photos on the Internet, uploading their "masterpieces" on various forums and social networks. And here the volume of the photo or, as they say, its "weight" comes to the fore. Modern cameras have high resolutions and, accordingly, the pictures taken, as a rule, weigh more than one megabyte. For example, it is one thing to send your friend to the mail 4 photos on the topic of "vacation in Turkey" with a total weight of 20 megabytes, and quite another - to send 40 pictures with the same weight. And the best photo editor in the world - the Photoshop program - will help us to achieve such an impressive result. With an illustrative example, we will show how to compress a photo in Photoshop without losing quality.

The program has such a powerful tool as "Save for Web...". It appeared a very long time ago, back in the version of Photoshop 5.5 (1999), and since then it has undergone minor changes in terms of the interface and its functionality. This is exactly the rare case when the first pancake turned out to be successful. Therefore, the work in it is not much different in any edition of the editor, including the most recent ones. So, launch Photoshop and load our photo into it.

Let's see how much our rose “weighs”. To do this, go to the very bottom of the image canvas and click on the black triangle. A menu will appear in front of us with a choice: what information should be displayed on the bottom panel. Select "File size"


We see a very decent size

for a photo (over 11 MB), which is being prepared for transmission over the Internet. Let's make a reservation right away that this is the size of the PSD file. The original size of the source was 4 MB (jpg), which is also very solid. Our task is to optimize the image. To do this, go to "File

This is where our work is finished. We managed to do two important things: compress the photo without loss of quality in Photoshop and keep its original resolution, which will allow you to view the photo on a large screen with maximum comfort. It remains only to click on the "Save" button and specify the place where the program should place the "thinner" picture. That's all. Now you can safely send your compressed photos to friends and not be afraid that some email client will deny you access due to oversize. Good luck!