How to choose the shape of your eyebrows.

Correctly plucked eyebrows can transform our face: correct its shape, make the look more open, effectively emphasize the beauty of the eyes, adding to them and other features of expressiveness.

Having decided to give their eyebrows a beautiful shape, few women use the services of professionals. The vast majority of the fair sex experiment with them at home. But in order for such an experiment to end with an excellent result, you need to know exactly how to choose the shape of your eyebrows.

The rule of three points

Conditionally consider the eyebrow as a line that has three main points: the first (beginning) - at the bridge of the nose, the second (top) - on the bend line, the third (end) - closer to the temple.

In order to determine where these points are located on your eyebrows, do geometry. With a pencil attached to the wing of the nose and directed through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, find the first point - the beginning. Check it out.

Direct the same pencil from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the pupil to the eyebrow and draw a second point - there should be its bend.

Again, place the pencil on the wing of the nose, but this time through the outer corner of the eye. The point at which it intersects with the eyebrow will be its end.

Do the same with the second eye.

The widest part of the eyebrow is at the bridge of the nose, after which the eyebrow should rise (how much depends on the shape you choose) and taper. Do not pluck your eyebrows into a thin thread, because this shape is not very popular with anyone, and it looks unnatural.

Choosing the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face

In addition to determining the three points, you should pay attention to the type of your face. Depending on this factor, it is worth choosing the shape of the eyebrows. This is where geometry comes in handy again. So, what shape does your face look like?

a) Oval

Select straight eyebrows, located at a great distance from each other (from two centimeters). Slight bending possible.

The arcuate shape is also good, but the height of the arc should be as natural as possible, and the line from the break to the tip should not be very long.

Lines with a soft curve look charming.

If your face is too long, then be careful with high arched eyebrows, as they can lengthen it even further.

b) Circle

Round, and also very thin eyebrows - not for you, with such a face shape you should choose a shape with a break, and high enough (but not too sharp!). But make the tip of the eyebrow short.

c) Square

For such a face, arched, raised eyebrows are suitable. Their tips should be made elongated.

If you choose a jagged shape, soften it by slightly curving it. The distance between the two eyebrows should be about two centimeters. If your eyes are close together, reduce it by about half a centimeter.

  • After the end of the process, re-evaluate the result in the mirror. Your eyebrows should be the same length and width.
  • Finally, brush your eyebrows with moisturizer. Since after such a procedure the skin looks sore for a while, try to pluck your eyebrows at night (but in bright light!). By morning, the redness and swelling will go away.
  • To keep the hairs in one direction and the eyebrows look neat, you can use a special wax or gel to style them.
  • If you want your eyebrows to always have a well-groomed look, adjust their shape regularly.
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