How to choose speakers for your car.

Since the speakers will not be used to their full capacity, it does not always make sense to chase this value.

  • The material of the diffuser (a device for converting an electrical signal into sound) and its suspension. The diffuser can be made of cardboard or paper, but with obligatory hydrophobic impregnation, and the suspension can be made of rubber, rubber, but not fabric.
  • When choosing speakers for a car, you need to pay special attention to these parameters. Products of a huge number of brands are on sale, since the popularity of such systems is very high. It is a common misconception that good speakers will help "draw out" the sound of an old radio or other audio system. But after all, none of us would dream of connecting a powerful monitor to an old computer and hope that this way the picture quality will improve.

    The speakers reproduce only the sound supplied by the head unit. Therefore, if it is initially of inadequate quality, expensive speakers will not help. In this case, we can only advise you to purchase a good subwoofer, which will allow you to play music at a higher level. knows how to choose speakers for the car:

    1. Select the type of speakers. They can be either simple coaxial or more expensive component ones.
    2. Measure the diameter of the columns. Standard holes in the car have a certain radius, and if the speakers are larger or smaller, their installation will become much more difficult.
    3. Determine the power of the radio. If the car does not have a subwoofer, then the rated power of the purchased speakers must be higher than the standard acoustics.
    4. Select the appropriate option according to the resonant frequency and frequency range. It all depends on the needs of a particular buyer: if you like powerful bass, then the resonant frequency should be high. In the absence of special preferences, you can purchase a product with average characteristics.
    5. Make allowances for the use of the machine. If you are traveling alone or with one passenger, only front door speakers are available. The front speakers, which are mounted on the dashboard, do not produce high-quality sound, while the rear speakers create a hall effect, but, again, they do not affect the acoustics level. A family car needs a full range of speakers, otherwise the music in the rear seats will not be heard very well.