How to choose rims for a car.

At car factories, the wheels are centered precisely along the hole in the center, and its diameter is called the landing. The discs sold in the store are endowed with a center hole, the diameter of which is slightly larger than it should be. When choosing wheel disks, this should be taken into account. Manufacturers of auto parts often provide an oversized center hole diameter, which is why they supply the discs with a set of rings.

Wheel offset

Wheel offset is another important indicator that you need to know when choosing wheels for a car. It affects stability and handling. Departure of the wheel is the distance between the longitudinal plane of symmetry of the wheel rim and the plane of its attachment. Distinguish between zero, positive (the hub is protruded outward) and negative (the hub is recessed inward) overhangs. For each model, the wheel offset is determined so that the load on the wheel bearings is minimal. German wheel manufacturers usually designate offset with ET (for example, ET 30 is a positive offset with a 30 mm indicator, and ET – 30 is a negative offset with a similar indicator), French manufacturers - DEPORT, and in other countries - OFFSET.

It is important to know that the installation of disks with non-standard offset on the vehicle is not recommended. If the overhang decreases, then the track becomes wider, the stability of the car improves slightly, and it itself takes on a more "racing" look. However, in this case, the load on the hubs and suspension elements increases dramatically. As the offset increases, the track narrows, but this option is impossible, since the discs will rest against the brakes.

What and how much it costs

The main advantage of steel rims is their low cost. For example, for 15-inch wheels that are installed regularly on most inexpensive foreign cars of domestic production, you will have to pay about 1000-1500 rubles, and for foreign ones - 1500-2000 rubles. At the same time, disks with a diameter of 13-14 inches, which are common on Russian cars, will cost even less - up to 1,500 rubles. It should be noted that it is preferable to choose foreign-made discs, as they are better protected from corrosion.

It is quite logical that alloy wheels are much more expensive than steel, and all because of the many technical advantages. The price for them varies greatly depending on the design and the manufacturer. For example, a domestic light-alloy wheel with a diameter of 15 inches will cost an average of 2000-3000 rubles, and a foreign one - 3000-3500 rubles. Larger discs with an exclusive design can cost between 10,000 and 15,000 rubles, and even more.

Forged wheel rims are endowed with maximum technical advantages. However, their cost is not much higher than that of cast wheels. For example, for a domestic 15-inch forged wheel, you will have to pay an average of 2500-3500 rubles. But for a foreign-made product they ask 3-4 times more.

How do you choose wheel rims?

Correctly selected wheel rims have a direct impact on driving safety. Therefore, the characteristics of the purchased rims must meet all the requirements of the car manufacturer for rims. And only then, from those discs that fit the requirements, choose those that will please the eye.

Wheels can both improve and, conversely, worsen the appearance of the car, so this issue should be taken with particular seriousness. Everyone chooses accessories for their car.