How to choose an elliptical trainer.

We all dream of being strong and healthy. Someone does daily exercises to maintain good physical shape, someone runs in the park, and someone buys a subscription to a fitness club in order to work out from the heart on all the variety of sports equipment presented there. Regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles and maintain normal cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which is very important for the prevention of various diseases. One of the ideal options is to organize a mini-gym right at home and train in the most comfortable conditions. Having bought a high-quality simulator, you can slowly make exactly as many approaches as you need.

The recently introduced elliptical trainer, also sometimes called an orbitrek or ellipsoid, will help you combine three-in-one and purchase a treadmill, stepper (simulating walking on stairs) and an exercise bike at the same time. One of the undoubted advantages of the orbitrack is that it provides minimal stress on the joints. If you are seriously thinking about how to choose an elliptical trainer, study all the features of these sports equipment, focusing primarily on their technical characteristics, and not on the promotion of the brand, and then you can choose the best option for yourself from all possible ones.

In this article we will consider:

    Advantages of elliptical trainers

    The convenience of an ellipsoid is that that it very successfully combines the qualities of the most popular simulators found in the gym. The elliptical trainer allows:

    • to strengthen the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks, performing the movement along an ellipsoidal trajectory typical of skiers (as on a bicycle and ski trainer);
    • imitate walking and running (like on a treadmill);
    • use the muscles of the arms and the entire upper body (as on a rowing machine);
    • while minimizing the stress on the joints.

    Thus, when exercising on an ellipsoid, all muscle groups are simultaneously trained and the functioning of the most important body systems - respiratory and cardiovascular, improves.

    Types of elliptical trainers

    Elliptical trainers, depending on the existing resistance systems, are presented in four variations:

    1. mechanical (belt),
    2. magnetic,
    3. electromagnetic,
    4. aeromagnetic (self-generating).

    Let's talk in more detail about each of these four types.

    1. Mechanical elliptical trainer

    This is the most affordable sports equipment, since it works exclusively from the efforts of the person exercising on it (due to belt tension or friction of the pads) and does not require an electrical connection. It is quite handy and compact. The disadvantages of such a simulator include the fact that it does not operate smoothly enough, with significant noise, and the load in it is not regulated in any way.

    Front-wheel drive elliptical trainer

    2. Rear-wheel drive elliptical trainer

    Here, both the flywheel and the transmission are in the rear, so the person exercising training time leans forward a little - as when running. Such a simulator is also distinguished by the fact that, as a rule, it has a very long platform-support for the legs. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to change the position of your body in a fairly wide range, achieving the most effective result during training.

    RWD Elliptical Trainer

    Key Points to Look Out for When Selecting an Ellipsoid

    Finding the Right Model for You elliptical trainer should definitely try in action several samples presented in the store. You yourself will feel which device is optimal for your height and weight and allows you to exercise with maximum comfort and convenience. When choosing an elliptical trainer, you should pay attention to several more important parameters that allow you to make the right decision.

    • Brand

    Kettler, Matrix, Spirit Fitness, Life Fitness exercise machines have proven themselves in the market. They are professional and are often installed in gyms and fitness clubs. Their price is quite high. Orbitracks from Torneo, Housefit are more available.

    • Possibility of assembly and disassembly

    Many manufacturers strongly advertise ellipsoids that can be disassembled and hidden, for example, under the bed. But in fact, such a function is inherent mainly in cheap, not the most reliable models. Serious manufacturers only produce stationary models that cannot be disassembled or folded. Think in advance where in the apartment or in the house you can allocate a place for your new acquisition. Ideal if you can equip an entire room for training. Consider the fact that the swing of the pedals and handles requires additional free space when using the simulator.

    • Convenience of the control panel

    You shouldn't buy a trainer with many functions and mysterious buttons that you most likely will never use. Choose what you really need. It is important that only those parameters that you need at the moment are displayed on the monitor, and you do not have to, distracting from your workout, sort out a lot of incomprehensible values.

    • Orbit track dimensions, metric indicators, compliance with the user's weight

    When choosing an elliptical trainer, pay close attention to its ergonomic characteristics. How convenient is it for you personally? If you are heavy, the device must provide a correct and even load - in this case, it is about your health and safety. The technical characteristics of the unit indicate the maximum permissible weight for it. It is also important that you feel comfortable wrapping your fingers around the handles of the simulator and you do it without much effort, otherwise the small muscles of the arm will be overstrained. The handles should be neither too high nor too low for you to avoid unnecessary stress. The pedals should also be comfortable - not too wide or too narrow.

    • Step length

    In most machines, the step size is about 40 cm. In devices designed for professional use, this value can be changed, which it is very convenient if several family members with different heights and weights are exercising. The load on the muscles also depends on the step width: with an increase in the set parameters, it also increases.

    • Pressure and pulse monitoring

    attached to the chest or head of the practitioner.

    • Pedal Angle

    This parameter may vary with some equipment to provide additional comfort during use.

    • Frame Strength

    Good manufacturers give quality equipment frame a lifetime warranty.

    The elliptical trainer will be an excellent purchase for both professional athletes and amateurs; both for those people who are in excellent physical shape, and for those who are overweight and have health problems. Having carefully analyzed all the parameters of the orbit tracks on the market, everyone can choose the best option, taking into account their needs and capabilities.