How to choose a pool for a summer residence.

In the summer heat, resting at a summer cottage, immerse yourself in the coolness of clear clear water - what could be more pleasant?.. But, unfortunately, there is not always a river or a pond nearby, and sometimes you really want to plunge or even swim! In this case, it is worth taking care of the question of how to choose a pool for a summer residence, because it is an excellent alternative to any natural body of water. It will also be important that the refreshing water will only be at your full disposal: only you and your family members (and, perhaps, friends and acquaintances whom you invite to visit) can dive and splash. And your personal mini-water park will literally always be at your fingertips - you just have to leave the house on a green lawn or move to a pavilion specially built for swimming.

In this article we will consider:

  • What are the types of pools for summer cottages

      Today manufacturers offer many different types of reservoirs for those who like to swim right at their summer cottage. Just choose! Each option, of course, has its pros and cons, so it is so important to study all the offers on the market so as not to make a mistake and buy exactly what you personally need.

      Inflatable pool: simplicity and accessibility

      Since most of our summer cottages have a standard size - 6 acres (or a little more), a compact, quickly installed reservoir is ideal for them, which then it is easy to clean and, if necessary, take it away by car "for the winter." All these advantages are possessed by an inflatable pool, which, moreover, has a very reasonable price. But alas, you should not expect ideal quality and a long service life from it: although multilayer PVC is used for its production, it will not be difficult for a dog or even a child to break through it. On the site, you should prepare in advance a flat area without sharp protrusions - for additional protection from damage, it can be covered with a special rug or a thick durable film.

      Pros: affordable price; compactness when folded; ease of transportation; ease of installation and movement around the site.

      Cons: small size; periodic pumping of air; fragility, leakage; instability and softness of the sides (due to the lack of a rigid frame); ground installation only (no burial); inability to purify water and, as a result, the need for its frequent replacement; not recommended if there are pets on site.

      Frame pool: speed and lightness

      If the inflatable pool is necessarily deflated and removed at the end of the season, then the frame pool can be either collapsible or stationary. To do this, it must be made of frost-resistant materials, which is better to ask the seller in advance. It can be installed both independently and with the help of specialists, placing it on the ground or burying it in the soil. A frame pool, as its name implies, is a plastic or metal frame, inside which a dense PVC bag liner is placed, then filled with water. It is better to choose a frame pool made in Europe, rather than the cheaper Chinese version, which is likely to be less reliable. Chinese frame ponds are completely plastic, while high-quality and expensive European models have a steel sheet at their base.

      Pros: ease of assembly; the possibility of dismantling at the end of the season (not required for stationary models); a decent service life (on average from 7 to 10 years); reliability, stability (does not fold if you lean on the side).

      Cons: due to the large volume of the pool (several tons), it will take a very long time to pour and drain water (moreover, many dachas often have a very weak pressure); an awning or even the construction of a pavilion is required to avoid contamination; during outdoor wintering, the inner liner package can quickly fail; high price of accessories that often need to be bought separately (they are not included in the package).

      A little more detail about frame pools:

      A pool made of composite materials: strength and convenience

      If you have the desire and opportunity to arrange a swimming pool in your country house, which will delight you all year round, you should pay attention to the pools made of composite materials, which are very popular in Europe. The finished bowl, made of durable fiberglass with a wall thickness of approximately 1 cm, boasts smooth contours and no seams, since it is cast at the factory. It does not need finishing, you just need to prepare a high-quality site (foundation pit and formwork or concrete pad) for installing the bowl, which is usually done by invited specialists within a week. It is advisable to build an indoor pavilion above the pool in order to enjoy all the benefits of all-season swimming.

      Pros: strength and lightness of the bowl; scratch resistance; solid appearance; long service life; high degree of reliability; resistance to chemicals; the possibility of year-round use.

      Cons: standard form; high price; dimensions (delivery by heavy truck); mechanized bowl installation; multi-day site preparation with the help of specialists; the construction of a pavilion is desirable.

      A pool made of reinforced concrete: quality and durability

      If you are determined that everything in your beloved dacha will be built for centuries or, at least, for decades, and have if this is sufficient financial resources, then you should think about arranging a concrete stationary pool. For the price, such a structure is capable of overtaking even an expensive composite pool, because a reinforced concrete pond requires finishing, which will give it exclusivity and a unique appearance. For this, tiles, mosaics are used. He will also give the shade, which is so necessary on a hot summer afternoon.

    • The matunder the inflatable pool will protect its surface from dirt and damage.
    • Ladder(its length should be equal to the height of the sides) will help to "conquer" a pool that is too high.
    • The Electric Heaterwill quickly warm the water like fresh milk.
    • A polycarbonate pavilionabove the bathing area will become a more affordable alternative to a wooden or brick structure.
    • When choosing a pool for a summer residence, remember that it requires care and certain financial costs, but all this will pay off handsomely, because a personal reservoir, no doubt, will delight you and your family for a long time with the opportunity to swim in a clean and cool water.