How to choose a nipple for a bottle.

This is an approximate age, so you can navigate yourself when you need to switch to a nipple with more than already available flow. Observe the baby: the hole is not large enough when the baby becomes nervous during feeding and suckles intensively.

Fast flow

4-hole teat. Suitable for thicker meals: cereals, kefir.

Variable flow

Universal teat with a small incision instead of a hole. Depending on how you turn it (follow the lines drawn on the nipple), you will get a small flow rate or increase it. Suitable for milk, mixture, compote, juice (including with pulp), kefir and even porridge.

Although manufacturers recommend using such a model from birth, many mothers unanimously argue that even in the slowest mode (one line opposite the baby's nose), the jet for the baby is too strong, he begins to choke and choke. Therefore, for a newborn, buy a nipple with one or two holes, and from three months you can buy a model with a variable flow.

The nipple hole tends to stretch over time, so check the product regularly. To do this, just pour plain water into a bottle and turn it over. If the liquid starts to flow too quickly (faster than the established average of 2-3 drops per second), then you need to go to the store for a new nipple.

The size of the nipple depends on the age of the child

When choosing a nipple for a bottle, it is best to choose the product in the package. It should indicate the name and coordinates of the manufacturer, material and size.

The last category of the nipple has different designations.

The most popular are numbers from one to three (some manufacturers have up to four). It is very easy to navigate in such indicators:

  • one - from birth to six months;
  • two - from six months to a year;
  • Three - from the year.

On sale you can find nipples with zero size (mini) - these are models for newborns (premature babies, babies with low weight).

Some manufacturers do not indicate the size, using an even simpler classification by age: 0, 3, 6, 12 (where the number represents the number of months).

There are nipples, the size of which is indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet:

  • S - from birth to 6 months;
  • M - from 6 to 12 months;
  • L - from 12 months.