How to choose a highchair.

The birth of a child is not only happy moments, but also numerous worries: to wash diaper-rompers, take a walk, play, tell a bedtime story and, of course, feed. And if in the first months of his life the baby eats in a lying position, then after six months he will need to be seated somewhere in order to offer delicious vegetable puree or milk porridge. A soft chair with a backrest or a wooden stool is inappropriate in this case, since it cannot be completely safe for your child. Therefore, when the baby has learned to sit well, parents can think about how to choose a highchair for feeding.


    Types of highchairs

    1. Wooden classics

    High chair, made in the style of minimalism. Can be completed with a small worktop and footrest. Designed only for feeding, has no additional functions, does not fold and, as a rule, is quite heavy and cumbersome.

    2. Foldable highchair for feeding

    This model of a child's chair has the same height as the first version. Due to the fact that the chair can be folded, as well as the backrest, footrest, seat and table top can be adjusted in accordance with the height and weight of the child, it is very convenient for the baby for the first three years (both at six months and two and a half).

    Folding chairs are often equipped with small castors, making them easy to move from room to room. Seat belts, an insert for legs and a table top protect the baby from falling and make him as safe as possible in the highchair.

    3. Compact models

    Booster for feeding

    choice on boosters - small chairs that are fixed directly on the "adult" chairs.

    The booster is equipped with a table and a seat belt. It is indispensable for lovers of various trips, because you can take it with you on a car trip or to the country. Such models, made of plastic, are distinguished by bright colors, and can be supplemented with a removable panel with toys.

    Another type of compact children's furniture for feeding is a hinged chair. It attaches directly to the "adult" table. Of course, this model is convenient for owners of small kitchens, but at the same time it has a significant disadvantage: it can only be connected to a thick and durable countertop, and the table itself must be heavy and stable (no round and glass options standing on one leg). And the hinged chair will not be used for long, as it has certain weight restrictions, most often up to 13-15 kg.

    Hanging highchair

    4. Convertible chairs

    Multifunctional option: can be used both for feeding and for other purposes, depending on which transformer you purchased. Most often on sale you can find models that turn into a table and chair. There are also swing chairs and cradles. The latter can be used starting from the very birth of the baby: it can be put to bed, having previously lowered the back, and if the need arises, it is very easy to move to another room without disturbing the child's sleep.

    5. Travel chair

    This model is not at all like a traditional chair, but more like a kangaroo for a child. The main components of the fabric chair are a handy bag with holes for the legs and several strong straps with which you can fasten it almost anywhere.

    Type of highchairPlucesMInusPApplication
    Wooden classic Environmental friendliness, relatively low cost, the ability to install close to the dining tableTakes up a lot of space, rather heavy, immobile, it may be unsafe for an active childFrom 6 months to 3 years, suitable for home use
    Foldable high chair Compact, almost all components are adjustable, it can be placed next to the dining table (for this, choose a model with a removable tabletop), a highchair with wheels is easy to move (within the same apartment / house)Expensive, not suitable for travelC 6 months to 3 years, suitable for home use
    Compact new models Small in size, low in weight, not very expensiveNot as safe as high chairs, require certain conditions: the booster is attached to a stable chair with a hard seat, the mounted version should be installed on a sturdy and heavy tableBooster - from 1.5 years to 3-4 years. Some manufacturers indicate the weight - up to 15-17 kg; hanging chair - from 6 months to 2-3 years (depending on the weight of the child, it is not recommended to put children heavier than 15 kg in it).

    These models are suitable for small kitchens, convenient in the country and on trips

    Convertible chairs Durability, the ability to transform in a table (desk) and a chair, in a swing, walker, cradle; many models are affordableHeavy, bulkyFrom 6 months to 4-5 years; The cradle chair can be used from birth (as a mobile bed) Suitable for home use
    Travel chair Mobile, takes up very little space, lightweightNot suitable for daily use, except for various tripsIndispensable for parents who love to travel

    What modern highchairs are made of

    All highchairs can be divided into two large groups: plastic and wooden.

    The third thing to pay close attention to is the presence of adjustable seat belts and brake-retainers (for models with wheels). Belts should be equipped with a comfortable buckle and soft inserts, a headroom and height adjustment are encouraged. To prevent the child from slipping out under the tabletop, a protective partition or fabric strap should be provided in this place.

    Rubberized feet protect the chair from slipping on smooth floor surfaces.

    All lines of the child safe product are rounded, sharp corners and protrusions must be absent.

    It is good if the seat, the height of the chair and its back are adjustable. Then he will be able to "grow" with the baby.

    A footrest is required. And the child's legs will not be so tired, being in a hanging position, and the posture will be formed correctly.

    Buy your favorite model only after preliminary fitting, especially for parents of large toddlers. Your child shouldn't be too cramped in the highchair!

    Does the highchair need a table top?

    The small table found on most highchairs makes them much more comfortable and safer. You can put a plate of food and a cup of drink on it. When the child needs to be distracted for a short time, toys or a bright book are placed on the countertop. It also additionally protects the baby from falling.

    High chairs with two tables are available for sale: one for feeding (often divided into areas for a plate and cup), the other for playing.

    The only drawback of the countertop is that it is difficult to put the chairs with it to the common table. But the problem will be solved by itself if you purchase a model with a removable table. When making a purchase, pay attention to its size: it should at least fit a plate, cup and cutlery.

    Design of highchairs

    When choosing a highchair for feeding, every mother strives to acquire a model that would not only correspond to its main purpose, but also decorate the interior of the room. And there will be no problems with this, since modern children's furniture is made in a variety of style solutions: from wooden classics, appropriate in almost every interior, to completely space chairs that will decorate a room in minimalism and hi-tech styles.

    Highchair colors are usually bright. Manufacturers love to complement their products with colorful images of cartoon characters, cars and funny animals, geometric patterns and plant motifs.

    The main thing, being carried away by the design of this piece of furniture, is not to forget that this moment is not decisive for its purchase.

    How the size of the kitchen affects the choice of a highchair

    The number of square meters of your home (namely, the room in which the chair will stand) plays an important role in its choice.

    Owners of spacious kitchens can buy any model without thinking too much about its dimensions, but owners of cramped rooms are not recommended to purchase massive and bulky chairs. Your choice is folding products, hanging chairs and boosters.

    Optional accessories for highchairs

    The highchair is purchased for feeding a child, but with the help of some details it can turn into an excellent play area for a certain period of time. A wide tabletop, a removable arch with toys or a basket for them help to carry out such a transformation.

    Some models may include seat belts as a separate accessory.

    And finally: remember that it is important not only to make a choice, but also to use the product correctly in the future, observing the established weight and age restrictions and never leaving the baby alone in the highchair.