How to choose a car radio station.

In the digital age, car radios and radios continue to be an indispensable means of communication for certain professions. Taxi drivers, truckers, and autotourists still use car radios. The choice of the device must be taken seriously, and before buying it is worth more than once to look on the Web for reviews about a particular model. After all, a properly selected radio station will serve you faithfully for a long time. But how do you choose a car radio?

Tips for choosing a radio station

First thing it is worth deciding on the purpose of purchasing a device. If you plan to use a walkie-talkie within one kilometer, then you should choose portables with an operating range of 433 MHz. For longer distances, it is already necessary to purchase 27 MHz radio stations. They are most often used by truckers to communicate between trucks. Moreover, the signal of the radio station is amplified using an antenna on the roof of the car.

Depending on the intensity of use of the radio station, the question arises: do you need an expensive radio if you only take it once a year to hunt? With infrequent use, cheaper models in plastic cases will also come down.

Basically, dispatch services and truckers use the CB-band - communication at a frequency of 27 MHz. When choosing radio stations in this range, special attention should be paid to the power of the radio station, since this is perhaps the most important parameter. The best option would be a device with a power of 10 watts. In fact, this power is quite enough for the correct operation of the radio station. In addition, you can connect external amplifiers of different power: 100-200 watts.

The number of channels of a MW radio station is also an important parameter when choosing a certain model. The price of the device directly depends on it. For a small town, 40-120 channels are quite enough, however, provided that you know the frequencies you need. For large cities and megalopolises, it is recommended to use radio stations with a large number of channels - 240-400.

Undoubtedly, the reliability of the work and the materials of the case are of great importance. Also, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer of a particular radio station. True, in our time, the more popular a company is, the more expensive its products are. Try to find a balance between quality, price and functionality.

When viewing the model of a radio station, it is worth looking into its specifications. The presence of a non-volatile memory of the radio station's channels and settings, as well as alternate scanning of two channels - the so-called DW function, will have a positive effect on the operation of both the radio station and the driver. In addition to these functions, the radios can be built with an automatic squelch and a GPS transmitter to determine the coordinates of the vehicle and track it.

Some models of radio stations are produced with a built-in radar detector, which will never be superfluous for the driver. In addition to the radar, a so-called external alarm can be built into the radio station, signaling an incoming call by means of a sound signal or by means of headlights. This will come in handy if the owner is out of the car and is nearby.

Additional criteria for selecting radio stations

In addition to the general parameters for selecting radio stations, there are additional search criteria.

For example, most users pay attention to the displays of walkie-talkies. Of course, the displays of radio stations are much simpler than those of smartphones, and most likely resemble the screens of mobile phones of the nineties. Small monochrome displays only display information about the radio station's channel and frequency, as well as the battery charge. And, undoubtedly, the better the display installed in the radio station, the higher its price.

Most of the models of car radios on the market are equipped with only control buttons. There are models with keyboards with numbers. More functional radios have built-in keyboards with keys for typing. Such devices allow you to send SMS, save contacts in a notebook.


Use common sense when choosing a radio station. None of the manufacturers will sell you a good device for a penny. After all, an autoradio station is a specific product. Consequently, the cost of its production is significantly higher than that of the mass segment goods.

If you have friends and acquaintances who use car radio stations, then most likely they will be the best advisers when choosing a particular model.