How to choose a bike for a girl?

Due to the peculiarities of the figure, many women cannot get used to a sports fit when the body is tilted forward, and therefore they should pay attention to mountain bike models with the most adjustable handlebars or city bikes or comfort class. Others, on the contrary, need to transfer the load to their hands, and here a low handlebar is the most optimal solution. From this point of view, you should immediately evaluate: if the seat can still be raised / lowered / moved, then the steering wheel of many bikes does not imply any radical changes.

Class of body kit

Manufacturers in this regard are confused, and sometimes their decisions are perplexing. The "more expensive is better" principle is also true here, but sometimes entry-level equipment is hung on expensive models. Since the bicycles mainly supplied to Russia are equipped with Shimano and SRAM transmissions, the entry level is Tourney and 1.0, respectively. The cheapest bicycles offer nothing else. But this is not a reason to give up the bike if the other parameters suit you. Even Auchan bikes serve for a long time with even, rare and unhurried riding. Amateur bikes are already equipped with a higher class drivetrain: Altus and Acera from Shimano, 3.0 from SRAM. Reliable and high-quality equipment designed for decent, but not extreme loads. Shimano Alvia and SRAM 4.0 are a semi-professional group with which both the sea and the mountains are knee-deep or wheel-deep. An amateur cyclist will most likely not meet a professional level of equipment, and there is no point in chasing it.


Are you surprised that a bicycle can cost as much as a car? This is you in vain. Maybe only this is a bike for those who have chosen a bike as a lifestyle. For evening rides, everything is much simpler. The higher your requests, the higher the prices. A bike ride on weekends, a trip to the dacha or to the store from time to time - you should not spend money, you should not look in the direction of multi-speed models with luxury equipment. Moreover, it is ultra-budget bicycles (up to 4000 rubles on the price tag) that are perfectly equipped with accessories, although not of the best quality, but you will not feel this in a few hours a month. Constant pokatushki in conditions of urban relief and forays into nature - you would have something easier, better and more expensive. You prefer to replace a four-wheeled vehicle with a two-wheeled one, but do not want to lose comfort - this is for you comfortable road builders and hybrids for a couple of tens of thousands of rubles. More comfortable and sporty? Two-hangers are cheaper than 30-40 thousand Russian ones - not two-hangers, but imitation. In a word, soberly assess your desires, needs and capabilities. Necessary and sufficient is the best guide.

A few words about lightness and speed

Progress does not stand still, there are so many types of bicycles alone. And girls want to stand out, and girls are more demanding. And therefore, you can show them completely different, but gaining popularity in Russia, phenomena that they will undoubtedly like. The Strida folding bike, although not know-how, is not a reverse transcription.