How to choose a bath.

The desire to expand the area of ​​household premises and arrange them in accordance with fashionable design trends leads to the fact that the bathtub itself is gradually being forced out of the bathroom. It is replaced by a comfortable and compact shower cabin. There is no doubt that equipping a modern shower with hydromassage and many other useful functions allows it to compete even with a swimming pool, but a bath for many of us remains not just a symbol of a well-established life, but also an item thanks to which you can get complete relaxation and recuperate after a busy day at work.

Lazing in the bathtub is not just pleasant. In some cases, it is these water procedures that help a person regain health and performance. The only question is how to choose a bathtub so that the material from which it is made, its design, original shape, color correspond to both the mood and the creative idea for the design of the hygienic zone in the apartment.


    Advantages of a cast iron bath

    Some believe that a cast iron bath in a modern apartment looks like a mastodon. Bulky, heavy, it is associated with the dull life of the Soviet era and is most often found in buildings of the old type.

    But if you move away from stereotypical ideas and try to objectively assess the advantages of a cast-iron bath, it turns out that this is not a fragment of the past, but a thing that deserves a worthy place in the most respectable apartments.

    The cast iron bath retains heat well. It has thick walls that slowly heat up and cool down just as slowly. The temperature of the hot water filling the cast-iron bath decreases by 10 degrees during the first ten minutes, and then remains at the same level for quite a long time.

    The inner lining of the cast-iron bath is enamel. Its composition does not react well to acids, but withstands the influence of alkaline compounds, on the basis of which most cleaning and detergents for plumbing are developed. Maintenance of the enamelled bathtub surface is simple. If it is washed regularly, neither plaque nor greyish streaks appear, which are difficult to remove from the walls of ordinary metal baths if the enamel has given them a fine crack.

    The cast iron under the enamel does not oxidize, which means the bathtub does not rust. Tightly fitting to the wall, it does not require complex moisture insulation of the joint, since ordinary sealant is enough to close a small gap from water ingress. In this place, yellowish rust spots will not appear.

    The cast-iron bath is supported by massive legs, which, while performing the main function, can serve as decorative fragments in the interior of the bathroom. If the front wall is covered with cladding material, the bathtub will look emphatically stylish.

    The standard dimensions of modern cast-iron bathtubs are 150x70 and 170x70 cm. The shape is traditionally oval, which allows them to be installed along the wall or in the middle of the bathroom, if the area allows and such placement corresponds to the style of its decoration.

    Automatic drain is a useful option that prevents water from overflowing over the edges of the tub and relieves the owner of the need to monitor the drain after bathing.

    Water lighting is a purely aesthetic function that makes bathing a real pleasure, enhances relaxation and helps relieve stress.

    Additional functions increase the cost of the bathtub, therefore, some models provide for their installation at the request of the buyer. Choosing a bath, you can make an order to complete it with a full set of additional functions or a separate device, for example, hydromassage, heating system, automatic drain.