How to call from a computer to a phone for free?.

Despite the fact that cellular and mobile communications are becoming cheaper every year, the problem of expensive calls to foreign countries is still not resolved. If in the territory of one state a cellular operator provides services for making unlimited free calls, then the same operator charges an exorbitant price for a regular voice call to another country, thereby compensating for the "unlimited and free" calls within the state. Thus, most of the owners of phones who make calls abroad are still interested in the question of how to call from a computer to a phone for free. A well-known saying says that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. But is it possible to make free calls over the Internet?

With the development of mobile operating systems, the popularity of Skype and other representatives of VOIP telephony has grown significantly. The emergence of programs such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype Mobile, relying on mobile platforms, has allowed many users to make calls over the Internet and from smartphone to smartphone, and from computer to phone. In fact, in order to make a call from a computer to a phone, it is enough to have installed software on both devices (Viber, Skype and others) and unlimited Internet. But what if you are going to call a landline phone or a mobile phone without operating systems and the Internet?

Even in this case, it is possible to make free calls from a computer to a telephone using special services. You just need to go through the registration procedure and log in. True, it is worth considering for a start that calls will require a computer, headphones with a microphone and a good high-quality Internet, since the entire communication process will be broadcast over the Internet. If desired, you can use regular speakers and a separate microphone for voice transmission. As a matter of fact, it is the service that acts as a kind of intermediary between the computer and the phone. It remains to be seen which service is best to use for making voice calls.

Calls from computer to phone using "Zadarma"

Perhaps the service "Zadarma" is one of the best and most popular services in the Russian Internet, providing communication services through an Internet connection. When registering on the site, 20 bonus rubles are credited to the user's account, which he can spend on calls. When replenishing the balance, the account owner is additionally provided with 100 free minutes for calls within the Russian Federation and abroad.

Already interested in this site? It's time to put it to the test! We type in the browser and follow the link. In the upper right corner, click on the red "Register" button.

We fill in all the fields offered by the registration form, and enter the code from the picture in the appropriate field. We tick the box "I agree and have read the User Agreement" and click the "Register" button.

We are waiting for a notification from the system that you have successfully registered.

The last stage of registration remains - confirmation of the mailbox. We open our mail, in the letter received from we find the confirmation link and follow it. If the operation is successful, you will see the following window:

After that, click on the "authorize" link, enter your username (e-mail) and password and press the "Login" button.

This completes the registration and authorization procedures. To make a call, just dial the phone number in the marked field on the picture and click "Call".

If the Internet has a high bandwidth, then a web informer will quickly connect you.

But to make the first call, you need to configure the equipment and allow the service to use the microphone. In the first case, just switch to the microphone and adjust the recording volume. Then you need to click on the "Close" button.

Flash Player will require permission to use camera and microphone. We give him the necessary rights by clicking on the "Allow" button.

Do you see the message “Microphone installed”? Congratulations, you did everything right! Now you can make a call by pressing the green key on the "red handset".

The ringer and microphone volume can be adjusted using the sliders.

During the connection, the computer user will hear characteristic beeps, and the called subscriber's phone will receive a call, usually from a Moscow landline phone.

There are a huge number of services on the Internet that offer telephony services through the World Wide Web. As a rule, the services in their structure are the same: a small starting bonus is provided, for which the user can make a couple of dozen calls. If you want more - pay! But no one bothers you to register a new account. You just need to have a few mailboxes at your disposal.