How to call China?.

If your relatives have moved to the PRC or you have ordered some cute little thing from your hardworking Far Eastern neighbors via the Internet, then one day the question may arise about how to call China. Depending on whether you are using a mobile or landline phone, the communication methods will differ slightly.

Call from a landline phone

When calling from a landline, it is important to know not only the number of the called subscriber, but also the name of the operator company that provides you with services, as the international access code will depend on this. For the majority of Russians, this is OJSC Rostelecom, but other organizations can also be met.

To call from a landline phone to China, you need to press 8, wait for a long beep, then sequentially dial the country code

, international access code (international code), code city ​​(to call a landline phone) or a mobile operator code, at the end - a phone number. The codes for access to the international network are presented in the table:
Communication operatorInternational code
OJSC Rostelecom10
OJSC Vympel-Communications (VimpelCom)56
OJSC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)28
CJSC Company TransTeleCom (TTK)57
OJSC Interregional TransitTelecom (MTT)58
CJSC Synterra27

For example, to call one of the Chinese mobile operators, a Rostelecom subscriber will need the following combination of numbers: 8 10 86 135 12345678 (8 – international code – 86 – mobile operator code – phone number). And to call a landline phone in the city of Guangzhou, you will need to dial 8 10 86 20 12345678 (8 – international code – 86 – Guangzhou code – phone number). The codes for major Chinese settlements are presented below.

CityArea Code

Call from mobile phone

For To call from a mobile to China, you need to dial 86 (country code), then the area code or mobile operator code, and finally - the phone number itself. The codes of major cities in the Middle Kingdom are presented in the previous section.

For example, the owner of a mobile phone to call a subscriber of a Chinese mobile company must dial 86 135 12345678 (86 – mobile operator code – phone number). You can call a city number in the same way: 86 20 12345678 (86 – city code – phone number).