How to call a girl affectionately?

For any person, his name is the most sacred and dear that he has, of course, with the exception of his parents. But in the relationship between loved ones it so happened that you want to come up with some kind of gentle nickname for your partner for everyday use. Calling each other only by their first names is so trite and boring! Many men suffer from a lack of imagination, so they rack their brains over the question of how to affectionately call a girl so that it is original and she likes it.

In fact, there are options for a wagon and a small cart to boot. One has only to deviate a little from universal standards and hackneyed phrases.

Originality from simple

Most people are accustomed to such affectionate nicknames as:

  • hare;
  • a kitten;
  • baby;
  • sun;
  • beloved.

It is so boring that the girl may even be unpleasant, because before that the guy called the other one the same way. It turns out that for him she is not anyone special and does not mean more than the previous person.

But even from such simple names, you can think of something more unusual. There is no need to be afraid to violate the norms of the Russian language. Any derivative from these words or a word related in meaning can become the key to the heart of a beloved woman. For example, you can play with these affectionate nicknames like this:

  • Zaya - zayusha - silly hare - good-looking bunny - bunny-dump (if the girl likes to talk).
  • Kitten - kitten - pussy-radish (for those who like to hurt) - my kitten - a purr.
  • Favorite - favorite - favorite.

By rearranging or removing letters and adding diminutive suffixes, you can create a unique home nickname for your girlfriend, which will only be hers.

Appearance will tell

Focusing on external features, you can come up with an interesting and affectionate name for your beloved.

Hair. If she has long blonde hair, goldilocks will suit her. A brunette or a brown-haired woman can be awarded a "chocolate". The red-haired girl deserves "red-haired", "red-haired", "golden" and similar names. Curly lush hair means "lion cub".

Facial features. The eyes are the windows to the soul. You can be guided by them. Color, shape, size - everything matters. Attention is also paid to other facial features. Here, in order to affectionately call a girl, the following options are suitable:

  • black-eyed;
  • a witch (many have dark brown eyes associated with witchcraft);
  • blue-eyed;
  • snub-nosed - chunosik;
  • hedgehog - hedgehog (for those who have a small upturned nose);
  • hamster - hamster - hamster - hamster (if the cheeks are chubby or the face is round).

Any individual trait will tell you what a gentle nickname to come up with. Only this should not offend the person. If a girl is shy about chubby cheeks, then calling her "homa" is a mockery of her.

Fig. The composition of the body in general or individual features of the physique can also serve as the basis for an outstanding nickname.

Does the girl have long slender legs? She is quite suitable "Bambi - Bembik" and other derivatives of this name of the cartoon deer. You can just "my fawn."

Does the chosen one have curvaceous forms and a beautiful booty? She can be called a "bun", "delicious", "bomb" with a semantic load that she is sexy and is a sex bomb for her man.

Does your loved one have a slender, thin waist? Then you can beat the word "wasp": "oska" - "sedge" - "osyuka" - "osyuka-cruel", or "reed". Here, a combination with some character traits through rhyme is quite suitable.

In order to awaken imagination, men should remember cartoon and movie characters, characters from fairy tales, some actors or artists.

Habits, character traits and profession

Does the girl like to cook, work, put things in order and fuss about the house? These qualities are reflected in the affectionate nicknames such as "ladle" or "bee".


If a loved one reads a lot, studies well or works as a teacher, she can be called "know-it-all" and other word forms derived from these words.

Is the girl active, cheerful, goes in for sports, understands humor and sometimes makes rash acts? She - "hooligan", "monkey", "rascal" and so on in this direction.

Does your beloved have a meek disposition, responsiveness and kindness? Then it is best to call her like this:

  • good-natured;
  • heart;
  • cutie;
  • Tishulya is a Tishka.

Is the girl good at intimate relationships? There is a whole list here:

  • goddess;
  • the queen;
  • fairy;
  • a sorceress;
  • a tigress;
  • panther;
  • an entertainer.

The daily routine can also serve as the basis for creating an original household nickname. Likes to sleep - "splyuha", gets up early - "birdie", is awake at night - "owlet - owl - scoop".

The main thing, an affectionate nickname should reflect the main feature or quality of the personality of a particular female representative so that she herself understands it. She will be very pleased that the man noticed this.