How to calculate the sex of a child?

Many married couples, dreaming of a child, imagine a cute girl with bows in her hair and a doll in her hands, or a tousled boy with a soccer ball under his armpit. Despite fantasies, parents-to-be understand that the appearance of a baby of either gender is the greatest joy.

Sometimes the dream of having a boy or a girl turns into an obsession or a vital necessity. For example, if the family already has several children of the same sex or the parents have a disease that is transmitted only through the female or male line. In the latter case, the child's life and health will depend on the gender.

How to plan the gender of your baby

People have long wondered how to calculate the sex of a child. Thousands of studies have been carried out, hundreds of methods have been created, but there are few effective methods.

Despite the high level of development of science, today there are no methods to conceive a child of the desired sex in a natural way with a 100% guarantee. You can only increase the likelihood of the birth of a boy or, conversely, a girl. There are many ways of calculating, from useless, funny and stupid to really effective, which can increase the probability up to 70-80%.

If parents need the maximum guarantee of the sex of the unborn child, then they will have to choose artificial insemination, or in vitro, for short, IVF. Then they will know for sure the sex of the baby, but the procedure is expensive, complicated, only in 35% of cases it ends in pregnancy and in 25% - in childbirth.

The most popular sex scheduling methods are:

  • ovulation calculation;
  • calculation by the number of sexual acts;
  • calculation based on the blood of future parents;
  • diet;
  • calculation according to Chinese and Japanese tables;
  • calculation according to the lunar calendar;
  • calculation based on the age of the parents.

All methods are different and differ in their effectiveness. Some have a scientific explanation, others are speculation and folk traditions. Only parents can decide whether to try one method or several, or rely on fate.



The calculation of sex by ovulation is confirmed by the studies of the Polish doctor F. Benedo, a group of French scientists. This method is considered the most effective, the probability is about 80%.

In order for a baby to appear, two halves - two chromosomes - must connect. The first - the X-chromosome - is in the egg, the second - the X- or Y-chromosome - in the sperm. If two X chromosomes are joined during fertilization, a girl will be born. If the X- and Y-chromosomes, then the boy.

Each of the chromosomes has its own characteristics, knowing them, you can plan the sex of the baby. Spermatozoa carrying the X chromosome, large, slow, tenacious, can be in a woman's body, waiting for an egg, for up to 5 days. Those carrying the Y chromosome are small, fast, but weak, die within 1-2 days.

During intercourse, millions of sperm rush to the egg to fertilize it. The first to reach those carrying the Y chromosome. If ovulation has occurred and the egg is ready for fertilization, or ovulation will soon occur and the environment has become alkaline, favorable for those carrying the Y chromosome, most likely a boy will appear. If the egg has not yet matured, then under the influence of an aggressive acidic environment, those carrying the Y-chromosome will die, and the sperm with the X-chromosome that reach later will wait for the release of the egg. As a result, a girl will be born.

Therefore, for a boy to appear, sexual intercourse must occur 24 hours or less before ovulation. Ideally, if during or immediately after ovulation. For the birth of a girl - 25 hours or more. Better in 3-5 days.

The key is to calculate ovulation. For this, one of the following methods is usually used:

  • Special tester. It is sold in pharmacies and resembles a pregnancy tester.
  • Temperature measurement. When ovulation occurs, a woman's body temperature rises by 0.4–0.6 ° C. Measuring temperature, orally, vaginally or rectally, over a period of 3 months, calculates the day of ovulation. You need to measure it daily, in the morning, without getting out of bed.
  • Calculation by menstruation. It is suitable if the woman has a stable monthly cycle. If intercourse occurs 11-13 days before the next menstruation, then a boy will appear, 14-15 days before a girl.

Frequency of intercourse

This method pays off in 70% of cases. According to him, by adjusting the frequency of intercourse, you can influence the sex of the child.

For the birth of a girl, it is necessary to abstain for at least 1.5 months or to reduce the number of intercourse during this time to 1 time in 1–2 weeks.

For the appearance of a boy, on the contrary, frequent sexual intercourse is important, at least once every 2-3 days for 1-2 months before conception.


There are many methods for calculating gender based on the blood of future parents. The most famous are the definition by group, rhesus and blood renewal.

Group and Rhesus

They do not change throughout life, so this method allows you to calculate not the gender of the baby, but the couple's predisposition to the birth of children of a certain gender. The blood counts of both parents are taken into account.

A simple table will help make calculations. If its first and second parts show different results, then the chances of having a boy and a girl are equal.

Blood renewal

The planning is based on the blood renewal process. According to one of the theories, it is believed that it occurs in a woman every 3 years, in a man after 4. Whose blood by the time of conception will be younger, newer, he will pass on his gender to the baby.

The calculation formula is simple: to the date of birth of each parent you need to add 3 and 4 years, respectively, before approaching the planned date of conception. If the spouses had blood loss, for example, during operations, childbirth, then the countdown should start from the date of the loss. Compare the results.

Calculation example:

Mother was born on 09/08/1986, on 05/01/2010 she gave birth to a child, there were no other serious blood loss. The father was born on 06/22/1986, there was no blood loss. The estimated date of conception is December 2014.

The last blood update for the mother on 05/01/2010 3 = 05/01/2013, for the father on 06/22/1986 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 = 06/22/2014. Father's blood is younger, which means that in December 2014 the spouses must conceive a boy.


Dutch scientists have found a connection between the diet of parents before conception and the sex of the child. They found that in 70-80% of cases, using the diet, you can plan the sex of the baby.

Both parents must adhere to the diet for at least 3 months prior to conception.

For the birth of a boy, the diet should be based on foods rich in potassium and sodium, protein, fat and salt. Eating foods dominated by calcium and magnesium should be stopped or minimized.

Diet for conceiving a boy
RecommendedNot recommended
Meat, sausages
Fish and seafood, someShrimps, crabs, caviar
Dairy products
Fruits and berries, fresh and dried, especially apricots, peaches, bananas, dates, cherries, oranges, dried apricots, prunes
Vegetables, especially potatoes
Legumes, especially peas, beans, lentilsGreen beans, raw cabbage
Cereals, especially semolina, rice
Bakery products with yeastBread, pancakes, waffles
Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts
Tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water, a little wine, beerMineral water rich in calcium, cocoa
Canned food, pickles
Proteins of boiled eggsEggs
Milk chocolate, milk sweets

For the birth of a girl, the parents' diet should be based on foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Eating foods dominated by potassium, sodium, high salt content, preservatives should be stopped or minimized.

Diet for conceiving a girl
RecommendedNot recommended
Meat, someSausages, smoked
Fish, seafood, caviarSalted, canned, smoked fish, crayfish, shrimps
Dairy products, especially milk. Yoghurts, cottage cheeseCheese, ice cream
Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, no saltOther nuts
Fruits and berries, especially pears, apples, strawberries, raspberriesApricots, bananas, plums, currants, oranges, cherries
Vegetables, especially cabbage, eggplants, greens, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, onions, spices, aromatic herbs. Tomatoes - only boiledPotatoes, lentils, corn, canned vegetables, raw tomatoes, olives
Yeast-free baked goods, breadBaked goods with yeast
Chocolate, honey, jam, sugarBanned fruit jam, factory sweets with a large amount of artificial additives, dyes
Tea, coffee, cocoa, mineral water rich in calciumFizzy drinks, canned juices


Unusual methods of gender planning came from Japan and China in the form of special tables. The calculations were made by oriental sages hundreds of years ago, but the tables are still in demand and popular.

Chinese table

Calculating the sex of the child using this table is not difficult. You need to know two numbers: the mother's age at the date of conception of the baby and the estimated month of conception. The letter standing at the intersection of these indicators means the gender of the child.

Japanese table

To plan gender using the Japanese table, you need to know three numbers: the month of birth of the father, mother and expected conception.

Lunar calendar

Today, the theory of the dependence of the sex of the child on the position of the moon at the time of conception has gained great popularity.

Every month the Moon goes around the Earth and crosses 12 zodiacal signs. Six of them are considered masculine: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and the other six are considered feminine: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio. The gender of the baby depends on the sign in which the Moon stood at the moment of conception: in the male - there will be a boy, in the female - a girl.


In order to calculate the floor, it is enough to buy a lunar calendar.

Age of parents

In conclusion, it is worth considering 2 interesting ways to explain how you can calculate the sex of a child by the age of the mother or father.

Father's age

An unusual formula for calculating sex looks like this: 49 – X 1 Y 3

Knowing the age of the father (X) at the date of conception and the month of conception (Y), you can calculate the gender of the baby. If you get an even number, then you should expect a boy, an odd number - a girl.

Mother's age

In order to determine the sex of the child by the age of the mother, you can use a special table.

The appearance of a boy or girl depends on the even-odd maternal age and month of conception. The baby's gender is indicated at the intersection of these indicators.

Month of conception
Age of the mother at the date of conceptionOddBoyBoy

When reading about planning methods, future parents should remember that these methods are not universal. You can follow them, but don't rely on them too much. Today, conceiving a child is still a mystery and a miracle.