How to become yourself?.

Someone strives with all their hearts to communicate with people, but continues to work as an accountant.

Human talents are not necessarily associated with creativity, they can relate to absolutely any activity. It is important to understand that your desires are a significant, once-lost part of your personality. It is on them that you have to learn to rely on in everyday life. Plus, you'll have to try again to trust yourself. Not to parents, not to the advice of experts, not to friends, but to their own assessments and opinions. Competent people are a valuable source of information, but it is at least unwise to shift decisions onto their shoulders.

Whenever you want to obey someone, ask yourself a couple of questions: is this really my desire, or am I habitually taking the first stranger I see? Am I doing this because I think it is right myself, or am I trying to live up to expectations / please / look better in the eyes of others? Sometimes one stop for such simple questions is enough to hear your true desires and understand yourself.

There is one nuance that everyone who regains himself needs to know about. The revealed personality with all its features will not always please. Along with the strengths, weaknesses will also emerge. This is why it is so important to abandon criticism and perfectionism from the very beginning. Just take it for granted that no one is perfect. First, get to know yourself anew, and then you will draw conclusions. Some qualities only seem bad and shameful at first, and then turn into an invaluable resource. So, the notorious female talkativeness makes a person a master of direct sales, greed is an excellent property for a financier in charge of a budget: there are a lot of examples!

As long as you reveal all the facets of your personality, refrain from criticism. The ability to accept yourself as you are is the key to spiritual harmony and well-being. By the way, in relations with others it also helps, because the less a person has claims to himself, the less demanding he is of others. In general, first get to know yourself again and love; if then some character traits interfere, you can work on them.

How to become yourself? You need to focus on yourself for a while, listen. An adult is no longer traumatized by the fact that not all desires are fulfilled. It is enough to get rid of the harmful consequences of self-discipline, and life will sparkle with new colors, the habit of focusing on external factors will recede, and harmony with oneself and confidence will become faithful companions!