How to become an authority in the classroom?

Continuing the discussion on how to become an authority in the classroom, it is worth mentioning active participation in school life. You can do organizational work, play in KVN, or publish a humorous newspaper with photo reports. Also, it will be useful to put forward any creative idea that is highly likely to be approved by both schoolchildren and teachers. Preparing an extracurricular activity, rewarding excellent students with funny odes of praise, doing homework together, introducing a "day of good manners" - the list of options is very, very extensive.

Do not forget about extracurricular communication, which plays an important role in gaining authority. Walking together with classmates and inviting you to watch movies in the evening will help you better consolidate in the team. It will also be good to do some bright act to attract attention to your own person. Demonstrating a videotape of your bungee jump, leaving after school with a popular high school student, or arriving at school in a fancy car are great reasons for everyone to talk. At the same time, there is no need to "turn up your nose" and demonstrate your superiority to your peers. On the contrary, it should show a simple attitude to the situation as a fun adventure.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in pursuit of authority among peers, in no case should one break oneself to please others. After all, only a person who is in harmony with his inner world can achieve success. Seeking to adapt to the team and meet someone's expectations is not the best way to gain class acceptance. Whereas natural behavior, coupled with self-confidence, will certainly lead to the desired result.