How to become a Mary Kay consultant?

The distribution of cosmetics through catalogs in recent years for many girls has become a good additional, and for some, the main income. And this is not surprising: you just need to collect orders, and then distribute the received products, leaving the difference between the wholesale and retail prices in your pocket. If the circle of clients is wide enough, such activities can make a significant contribution to the family budget.

Of course, the higher the prices for products and the larger the wholesale discount, the more tangible the income of the company representative. That is why, having familiarized themselves with the proposals of many companies, girls begin to wonder how to become a Mary Kay consultant. After all, this network promises as much as 40% of the difference between the catalog and wholesale prices of not the cheapest products!

Where to start?

When planning to register with Mary Kay, it is worth deciding which of the types of cooperation is most interesting for a woman.

  • Purchasing products only for oneself and the next of kin does not require almost any investment of time. You can study the current catalog and take a master class teaching the secrets of beauty at any convenient time.
  • Maintaining active sales, creating a small network of its "sponsored" consultants is already capable of generating a stable income. You need to provide time for making presentations, working with your "wards" and improving your own marketing skills.
  • Building a career that involves becoming the leader of your office and creating a business group involves full dedication. To work at this level will require organizational skills, a sea of ​​energy, a desire to constantly move forward and stimulate others to reach new horizons.

The registration procedure does not depend on the woman's ambition. But by identifying goals, she will make it easier for herself to form the first mandatory order.

What do you need to register?

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has a registration address on the territory of the state and has reached the age of 18 can become a Mary Kay representative. For registration you will need:

  • passport or scanned pages with photo and registration;
  • electronic mailbox;
  • mobile phone;
  • bank card or cash;
  • data of an employee of the company contributing to the emergence of a new consultant.

You can sign an agreement with Mary Kay either by contacting the nearest office of the firm or online by going to its official website. In the latter case, the data of the assistant consultant will have to be found in a special section of the resource.

Registration steps

To join the ranks of Mary Kay representatives, you will need to fill out a questionnaire, indicating your details. The form also includes fields for entering information about the consultant responsible for the newcomer. Then you need to confirm your email address and phone number by following the link and entering the password you received.

You will then need to order one of the offered starter kits. The composition and cost of each of them may vary depending on the current company policy. Typically, these kits include a consultant's bag, training materials (catalogs, brochures, CDs, business cards, etc.), certain types of popular products. It is the quantity and quality of the funds provided that affects the price of the set. Typically, the minimum option includes samples or mini-versions of products. And those who purchase a more expensive "start" are provided with full vials and tubes. In addition, they receive makeup tools: sponges, brushes, brushes, etc.

Becoming a Mary Kay consultant will not work without placing your first order. Its volume is regulated by a certain minimum. Don't be scared! It is indicated in retail prices, and the actual payment is made at the wholesale cost, that is, with a 40% discount. What products to order, you can decide both independently and in consultation with your curator.

After registration and payment of all orders, all that remains is to wait for the receipt of the products. It can be delivered to the office of the company or to your home. Together with the goods, the consultant will receive a login and password to enter a personal account on the official website of Mary Kay, as well as an agreement that requires signing and returning to the head office of the company. Only then will the new employee be able to start full-time work.

If Mary Kay's representative manages to consistently place large orders, the firm rewards him with various gifts, the value of which directly depends on his activity. To maintain the wholesale discount, the consultant needs to place orders at least as often as provided by the contract. If this condition is not met, all privileges disappear, turning the employee into an ordinary buyer who pays the full cost of the goods indicated in the catalog.