How to apply henna to hair?

Henna is one of those rare dyes that are beneficial, allow you to achieve a beautiful shade and do not harm the curls at all. In addition, it is quite possible to use it at home. But for this you need to know how to apply henna to the hair, how to choose and dilute such a dye correctly.

Preliminary preparation

It should be noted that, as in the case of factory paints, when using henna, you need to take care of gloves, because this agent perfectly stains both skin and nails, and the pigment holds well. So it will be quite difficult to get it out of your fingers. In addition, for work, you will need a bowl for diluting henna, a brush for applying the composition and a towel or oilcloth to protect clothes. It is better to take an oilcloth, as the stains cannot be removed from the towel.

Next, you need to decide on which hair to apply henna. There is only one option here: for thoroughly washed and slightly dried ones. You can smear the composition on colored strands, but the final shade may not be quite the same as we would like.

How to dilute the paint

There are various henna brands on the market. Many manufacturers produce powder with a variety of additives, including pigments. Therefore, you should adhere to the manufacturer's instructions - the exact proportion will be indicated there. To prepare the coloring mixture, only henna powder and hot water (not boiling water) are needed:

  1. The powder is poured into a bowl and poured with water so that a mixture of the same consistency as that of thick sour cream is obtained.
  2. Experts recommend to insist a little henna, literally 5-10 minutes, so that it does not have time to cool down.
  3. The henna can then be applied to clean hair. And this will have to be done quickly.

How to dye your hair correctly

Since you need to hurry until the mixture has cooled down, it is advisable to carry out all the manipulations not alone. Moreover, the assistant will be able to evenly distribute the coloring composition on the occipital area. How does the procedure begin?

  1. Many people are in a hurry to apply henna to wet hair, but it is better to dry it a little.
  2. Now the composition is applied to the strands of the occipital zone, and then to the strands framing the face. First, the roots are smeared with a mixture, then it is carefully distributed along the entire length with a comb and brush.
  3. After all the strands are thoroughly processed, the hair should be covered with a plastic cap. Since henna can leave marks on it, the hat can be replaced with a bag.

How much should the composition be kept? It depends on the density and thickness of the strands, as well as on their original tone. On light curls, it is preferable to shorten the time so that the shade does not turn out to be too bright. Hair will become golden in 5 minutes, and over time they will completely acquire a fiery red color.

After exposure to hair, henna is washed off with warm water, without the use of shampoo. If the composition does not come off poorly, it is recommended to take a conditioner balm designed for colored strands.

The nuances of dyeing

Many girls are interested in: is it possible to apply henna to dyed hair or not? The answer to this question depends on the color:

  • Blondes are not recommended to dye with henna, even if the light tone of their hair is obtained with the help of chemical dyes. After all, henna can in this case give an unpleasant carrot shade.
  • This also applies to gray strands - here you need to use henna very carefully.
  • On dark colored hair, the color after the henna procedure may not be very beautiful.

However, henna is good because experimenting with it is harmless, and even if you don't like the shade, it is always easy to correct it (for example, coffee will make it darker). And some additives, such as basma, produce an almost black color.