How to apply castor oil to hair?

Beautiful, flowing curls are the dreams of every woman, regardless of age. The modern market provides many means for caring for them for every taste and wallet. But there is nothing better than what nature has created. For example, castor oil solves many hair problems. He is praised by both women and men. The problem with the application is that many do not know how to apply castor oil to the hair so that hygiene procedures take a minimum of time. It is equally important to consider under what conditions of the strands it is preferable to use it.

When Does Castor Oil Help?

This remedy is prepared from a plant such as castor oil plant. The main method is spinning, thanks to which all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair are preserved. The properties of castor oil are quite extensive and can contribute to many processes. For example, the following are noticed:

  • protection from aggressive effects of sunlight, wind, frost, sea water;
  • reducing the degree of overdrying of hair due to ultraviolet rays;
  • strengthening of follicles;
  • accelerated growth;
  • elimination of itching and tightness of the skin;
  • reduced greasiness;
  • increased moisture saturation of the hair and scalp;
  • fight against dandruff, hair loss, up to alopecia;
  • shine and smooth feeling of hair;
  • stimulation of local skin immunity.

As a rule, women and men periodically face at least one of these problems. Moreover, castor oil is often used for face and body care. Therefore, oil can be safely attributed to universal remedies.

Terms of Use

This is the main problem. People, not knowing how to apply castor oil to their hair correctly, make many mistakes. The result is not the desired shine and beauty, but a greasy, sticky tow.

In fact, you just need to follow a few simple steps that will lead to the fact that the hair will revive and stop shedding much:

  1. Every cosmetic application should always start with a sensitivity test. In the case of castor oil, it is enough to apply a drop of it on the wrist or behind the ear, where the skin is more delicate and the vessels are close. After one hour, you can start the procedure if there is no redness, rash or itching. In general, this remedy does not belong to allergens, but there is also an increased sensitivity of the human body.
  2. For people with oily hair, it is important to add the following ingredients: cognac, alcohol, lemon juice, egg white. They are able to reduce sebum production and slow down the contamination of the hair.
  3. To better absorb castor oil, you can massage your head until you feel warm.
  4. To apply it neat, heat the agent slightly. It is better if it is a water bath, and not an open fire of a stove or a microwave oven. Then the properties of the oil will be fully preserved.
  5. Castor oil can be enriched with any ingredients suitable for the hair type to enhance its effect.
  6. After head massage and preparation of a healing mask, you should start applying it, dividing the hair into a parted part. With your fingers, you need to rub the product into the roots, repeating the massage, gradually reaching the temples. You can also use a brush, but then the consumption of the mask will greatly increase.
  7. When the roots are completely processed, spread the castor mixture all over the head. It is important to pay special attention to the ends, as they split and dry out the most.
  8. After applying the mask, the hair should be twisted into a weak bundle, lifted up and covered with a cellophane cap. Wrap the top with a warm scarf.
  9. Depending on the selected ingredients, the mask is kept for up to two or even three hours.
  10. After this time, it must be washed off in two stages with shampoo.
  11. When the hair is well cleaned, it can be rinsed with apple cider vinegar to make combing easier. It is bred in warm water.

Nourishing mask

The most popular treatment for damaged and falling hair contains the following ingredients: olive and castor oil, fresh honey, taken in two teaspoons, egg yolk. The mask should be applied to their entire length and left for an hour and a half. Then rinse off as described above.

Castor oil will certainly help if it is applied correctly and wisely.