How to advertise your site?

The number of users registered in social networks is growing every day. They communicate with each other, exchange files and information in various groups. Create a group or public for your project and cross-post announcements of your articles. The more you attract visitors to the group, the more chances that the user of the group will like the article and visit your project.

As for the forums, your actions will be slightly different on them. First of all, use the search engine to select popular visited forums that are similar in topic to your project. After registering in several forums, complete your profile without listing your personal site. Start communicating with members of the forum, help them, give advice and after a while try to advertise your site unobtrusively in your messages. The same effect can be achieved from thematic blogs if you have a personal blog or site with articles. The article announcement and Surfingbird service is fine for blog owners.

But do not forget that offline advertising can also be used to properly advertise a site. Business cards, advertisements in newspapers and on banners of your city may well attract an interested visitor, especially if the site is tied to a region. Most importantly, remember that ads should not be too intrusive, otherwise users may perceive them as spam.