How not to go to school?

If you don't want to go to school, embellish the urgency and importance of your work a little, note that teachers and even the principal hope that the day after tomorrow you will bring a ready-made delicious solution, but you have no time at all. Therefore, the only chance not to upset the teaching staff and not to lose face is to stay at home and carry out a responsible assignment. Most parents will grumble about the need for timely completion of work, but will allow the heroic child to spend the school day on homework. True, it will have to be done, and done well.

The most honest way not to go to school is to simply tell your mom or dad that you don’t want to go there tomorrow. And explain why. For example, for a deuce on a test mathematician in front of everyone calls him a blockhead, and this is insulting and embarrassing, so it is better to spend a day studying the material at home and additional work, and next time be prepared. Or talk about the fatigue that has accumulated over a quarter, explain that a schoolboy is also a person, and if dad can take a day off, then a child can. One extra day off is not irresponsibility and laziness, but the rational use of your time, so there will be no gap in knowledge. If the reasons are personal - also honestly lay out: about a fight with a neighbor on a desk, about a school conflict, which in a day will lose its sharpness, and nerves will calm down on all sides. This honesty is compelling, and most parents, when they hear the arguments of an almost adult, will agree with them.

How to avoid going to school at all? There are good reasons for this. Of course, parents will not listen to an offended first grader, but a serious high school student can talk about external studies or home schooling. For example, they do this when they are going to become an entrant to a reputable university, and the study of extraneous subjects is distracting, or they have already been studied at the general educational level. [nine].