How not to be a bore?.

What to do? First of all, you need to take responsibility for getting rid of your own tediousness.

Do not rush to reproach yourself or your parents: this way you will only play for time again. And it will take a lot of it to acquire the necessary skills and overcome the fear of responsibility. Start with small deeds: excessive demands on yourself will only exacerbate the situation. Make up your mind to do some important but small task - cleaning your desk, for example. The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation to procrastinate and gather information. Take action immediately! Sweep aside any attempts of the mind to evade the plan: even if today is not the right day, even if some data or tools are missing - work with what you have. It is very important!

Further, it will be possible to gradually set ourselves more and more ambitious tasks. Every previous success will feed you optimism and excitement. Just don't expect absolutely everything to work out. Blunders happen in every person's life. As you know, only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Failures are part of the invaluable experience; don't underestimate or be intimidated. By accustoming yourself to act, instead of reasoning and figuring out something, you will see that an imperfect decision made in the face of a lack of information is better than its absence. This is how the quality of efficiency develops, and the person who possesses it a priori cannot be a bore, because he is used to acting.

Perhaps you will never become the life of the company or the president of a large corporation, getting rid of the boringness. But one thing can be guaranteed: your life will become easier, more pleasant and flow in the direction that you yourself designate for it, without getting hung up on insignificant details.