How do you know who loves you?

We assure you - it's true!

However, there is a downside: a man who does not seek to become better with you than with anyone else is simply not in love. In the age of so-called complex relationships, where emotional and sometimes physical violence has become the norm, women often find humiliation, insults, betrayal, neglect and similar unworthy behavior towards them acceptable. Don't be fooled! This is not a manifestation of complex love or a complex male nature, as well as not a consequence of childhood trauma, difficult divorce and other moments. For this, women are usually credited with simple disrespect and lack of love. Do not delude yourself with the role of a sufferer and a great martyr, do not come up with excuses for unworthy behavior. In the end, what do you need more: the pity of others or happiness in your personal life? Let us remind you again: men say exactly what they want to say and do the same. So no negative manifestations can be considered signs of love!

Modern mass media turned everything upside down: they elevated flawed and dependent relationships to the rank of norm, where there is no question of love, endlessly urge women to conquer a life partner. Only reality stubbornly proves that this is all nonsense, since there are clearly no more happy bitches and harmonious couples. If the descriptions of the signs of men in love seem outdated to you, think about it: maybe you just do not pay attention to people who are really interested in you? Maybe you miss your happiness in your attempts to “conquer and retain”, to justify the imposed stereotypes?

If you have repeatedly broken your heart with unworthy behavior, then it’s time to change something in your worldview. To begin with, try as an experiment to calculate those who are in love with you, according to the listed criteria. Perhaps such observations will lead to the creation of truly happy and healthy relationships. And you can again believe that there are ideal men, if you stop wasting time and kissing real, not fabulous monsters.

How do you know that someone loves you? As you can see, it's simple!