How do you know what damage is on you?.

Until recently, any problem was solved without much hassle, the beloved wore in his arms, his health was "bulletproof"... And then suddenly that very band of anthracite shade began in life, which seems to be an endless tunnel to nowhere without any glimmer of light at the end. What is it - an accident or the result of the influence of someone's evil will, mysticism and black witchcraft? In other words, how do you know that you are corrupted, and is it worth taking these "horror stories" seriously?..

What is this thing - and with what is it eaten?

The old women on the bench are whispering: "Looks like someone jinxed Antonina - she has grown ugly, emaciated, sick, the man has left, is completely dying, poor woman." Grandmothers see into the root, but they get confused in concepts, mixing two magical effects - the evil eye and damage. The difference between them is huge: in the language of the Criminal Code, the first is careless harm, the second is an attempted murder. Isn't it a significant difference?

Imagine that there is a person in the world who always succeeds in everything - they are called favorites of fate. Someone will surely envy this happiness and seem to steal a piece of it. And now a girl running on a date breaks out of the blue a heel (sometimes together with a leg), the promised promotion suddenly breaks down, or in August an unexpected cold is tied, crossing out the long-awaited vacation.

Unpleasant, of course. But the evil eye - like a wave of the sea, came running and fled. Over time, life returns to its normal course, and the average victim does not even suspect that he owes his recent suffering to envious "well-wishers." However, the latter also do not know about this and can quite sincerely sympathize at the moment when his luck turned away from the lucky one.

Corruption is another matter entirely. Such an impact is always conscious, prepared, aimed at the addressee with a clear desire to inflict maximum damage - up to and including physical destruction. It proves that a person has a terrible enemy who is not bound by any moral and ethical norms and is ready for literally anything. This is the dark side of the soul and the dark force, which, united, strike to defeat - if countermeasures are not taken in time, the consequences can be fatal.

Faith does not save, but warns

There is an opinion that corruption cannot cling to a pure, bright, deeply believing in the Lord person. Unfortunately, this is not the case - with the help of magic, you can inflict malicious harm on anyone. Here everything is decided not by the personality of the victim, but by the skill of the performer. Some homebrew witch who gets information from the Internet is more likely to spoil the fate of himself or his loved ones, but an experienced black magician will quite successfully break through any defense.

And yet faith in God can significantly help - at least in the diagnosis of corruption. There are several clear signs signaling that a person has come under an unexpected blow from the dark forces.

  • The pectoral cross for some reason begins to fall, get lost, sometimes - just disappear, as if by magic. Or it irritates you so much that you want to take it off - the metal bites into the skin, burns, rubs, pricks.
  • In the church, instead of the previous reverence, a feeling of acute discomfort appears, the icons are enraged, the service seems unbearably boring, and the thought of talking with a priest causes a sharp rejection.
  • Attempts to say a prayer aloud are interrupted by frequent and involuntary yawning.
  • A church candle lit in the house begins to smoke, sparkle, crackle loudly, the flame sways, as if in the wind, and can even go out - and without any draft.

If something like this really happens, you should seriously think about the reasons - they may be far from the usual coincidence.

Corruption - so terrible, so different

The most aggressive and black magic ritual has many options - it all depends on the area in which a person wants to inflict the main harm. If someone is hindered by your sincere love, the attacker can damage family relationships. The intention was to undermine material well-being - will have a negative impact on financial stability. It is clear that the result in these cases is also different.

In the first - literally before our eyes and completely for no reason a strong union, tested by time and all sorts of "copper pipes", is crumbling. The house boils like a saucepan over a high fire - aggression, unmotivated hatred, irritation, tears and pain are boiling in it. Ultimately, such a life becomes unbearable, and the family simply falls apart, neither common interests nor beloved children help. It is important that, unlike a love spell, in this case no "triangle" is visible on the horizon - the husband does not go to his rival, but just like that.

"Monetary" spoilage makes itself felt by various financial catastrophes. Their potential list is so great that one will involuntarily become thoughtful - oh, not without reason! First - a drop in wages, then a fire, a car accident, theft and obscure lawsuits. To put it simply, continuous damage on all fronts. The very pile-up of these wild situations should alert you - such a hopeless black streak just doesn't cross out life.

The most insidious and most widespread damage is to health. It is dangerous in that it can lead to the death of the victim, and even significantly affect the people around him. The outflow of energy is so great that it involuntarily hurts all loved ones - spouses, parents, friends.

Small children, who are firmly attached to their mother at a subtle level, feel this negative impact very strongly. If a woman is "spoiled", the child's nervous behavior, his excessive and unusual moodiness can act as the first warning "bell".

The manifestation of damage on the mental and physical level

A sudden exacerbation of existing chronic sores or the appearance of completely new health problems - such a situation can arise without any presence of magic. So do not be intimidated by every accidental sneeze or see the intrigues of enemies in banal signs of allergies. But when is it possible to suspect corruption?

You are confidently diagnosed by clinical signs, but the analyzes stubbornly do not correspond to this verdict. Doctors are at a loss, the prescribed treatment does not help at all. It may turn out that the disease is atypical, not as described in medical treatises.

It seems that there is no illness - at least not obvious. But every day the state of health worsens. Persecuted by chronic fatigue, migrating pains that "crawl" from one part of the body to another, an incomprehensible apathy, lethargy piles on, insomnia torments at night. And if you still manage to plunge into the arms of Morpheus, not the long-awaited rest comes, but outright nightmares.

Small wounds and insect bites do not want to heal, scratches fester, teeth crumble, eyes ache and watery, vision and hearing deteriorate - or so it just seems to the victim. All kinds of age spots, red rashes, warts or moles appear on the body in large numbers.

Sudden and very noticeable changes in body weight - in the direction of decrease or increase. The appetite is disturbed - either it is completely absent, or it becomes truly "wolfish". At the same time, there is absolutely no desire to move towards the ideal, interest in life is clearly lost. Women begin to experience interruptions in their menstrual cycle, and men are increasingly resorting to alcohol to relieve stress - even if they were previously considered teetotalers.

But such tangible manifestations are not the only signs that help to feel the presence of black magic. An even more weighty argument will be changes in the human psyche. How do you know if you have damage? First of all - to listen to your spiritual sense of self.

A person who has fallen under the power of a curse becomes disgusted with himself. He is not able to withstand a direct gaze, avoids even looking in the mirror - his own reflection causes incomprehensible irritation. Sometimes it seems that this very image on the glass begins to tremble and blur, and something unknown, but terribly unpleasant, appears through it.

Fears, fears... Constant, groundless, turning into phobias. Horror fills the confined space, sneaks into the darkness, echoes with a booming echo from the walls of the room. Someone's unkind glance seems to be behind you, hallucinations, obsessive unpleasant smells, angry giggles or voices foreshadowing all sorts of troubles are haunted.

Unfortunately, these symptoms resemble those of a common mental disorder. It is difficult to say how many people who survived a magical attack ended their lives in an insane asylum - their “voices in the head”, attacks of unmotivated panic and sudden aggressiveness are quite successfully squeezed by official medicine into the framework of well-known mental illnesses.

Suspicions substantiated by material

It is generally accepted that damage can only be done from a photograph, including one downloaded on the Internet. Actually this is not true. Such an impact is possible, but it will not be too persistent and certainly will not lead to death or any significant damage.

A black magician (and others do not take such a terrible intervention in principle) needs something more substantial than a glossy picture - biological material stolen from the victim is best suited for enchanting. This could be nail clippings, combed hair, a menstrual pad, or a regular handkerchief used for a cold. If the falling of such “waste products” into the wrong hands is completely excluded, the likelihood of spoilage is significantly reduced.

But trouble can be brought into the house on conspiratorial things - this is either the so-called lining, or a gift made by an ill-wisher. The first option is worse, because it is not always possible to detect it in time. Sometimes only after the tragic death of a person (murder, suicide or sudden death - for example, as a result of an unexpectedly diagnosed oncology), relatives discover incomprehensible little things hidden behind furniture, under skirting boards or wallpaper.

The easiest way to transmit damage is through metal piercing-cutting objects. Needles, pins, knives or razor blades that appear from nowhere in the apartment or near its outer borders require immediate assistance. It is strictly forbidden to touch the lining; it should be covered with a broom and thrown away from the house.

In a similar situation, any biological material - the corpses of birds, mice, fish, dried flowers - indicate damage to death. In no case should you touch THIS with your bare hands, and everything that burns must be burned.

Pay also attention to household waste under the threshold - a puddle of incomprehensible liquid, ash or earth may indicate that an ill-wisher left a tangible mark near your "fortress".

Almost believe - but still check

If the suspicions of damage did visit you, you should make sure of the negative impact more precisely. It is clear that the best diagnostics will be carried out by a professional from the world of magic, but sometimes even the simplest "tests" give a result. For example, using a chicken egg.

Ordinary water is poured into a glass, mentally cleansed of any negative energy. A raw egg is pressed to the forehead for a few seconds, and then break it into a container with liquid.

  • The yolk and white remained unchanged, they swim calmly and do not plan to mix - there is no spoilage.
  • The egg sank to the bottom, and thin threads, similar to cobwebs, stretched to the surface from it - the effect was, but has not yet achieved the desired effect.
  • The water has darkened, black streaks and bubbles have appeared on the white or yolk - this is a clear trace of magical intervention, which has been poisoning you quite successfully for several days. In this case, emergency assistance from a specialist is the only way to preserve health and life.

In principle, there are a lot of methods for determining spoilage. However, first of all, you should listen to your feelings - the victim of black magical influence often begins to suspect the presence of negativity before grandmothers begin to whisper about it on the bench.