How do I sell my book?.

As for unsold copies, they must be destroyed.


This distribution channel is used to sell not only printed publications, but also e-books. Today there are many sites for the sale of works online. Some of them specialize exclusively in educational literature, others are universal. When choosing a site, it is worth taking into account the amount of the commission fee and the method of its formation. While some resources charge the same fee for each copy sold, the others charge a percentage of the price assigned. As a rule, the withdrawal of earned funds is carried out every 30 or even 60 days. However, some resources have the option of instant reward transfer.

Since selling your book on the Internet is often not as easy as it seems, it is better to create accounts on several sites at once. When determining the price, it is advisable to focus on the cost of works by other novice authors working in the same genre. As statistics show, educational literature is especially popular on the Internet. Often, the first copies of books from the category "how to start a business from scratch" or "how to make a million in a week" are sold on the day the ad is placed. Works of other genres do not find their readers too quickly, sometimes you have to wait for several weeks or even months. Therefore, placing an offer on several resources at once increases the likelihood of successful sales.

Having your own website or blog greatly simplifies the process of selling literary works. Regular posting of book announcements on the resource pages will attract the interest of a potential reader. You can also send your blog subscribers some of the most interesting excerpts from the work. After that, you should send them a second letter with an offer to purchase the book or its individual chapters at an attractive price.

Thus, the sale of literary works is a difficult and very energy-consuming process that requires special persistence on the part of a novice author. Having suffered a fiasco in one place, you should not give up, you need to try again and again, promoting your "creation" in every conceivable and inconceivable way. Visiting literary exhibitions and fairs, sending letters to publishers, bypassing bookstores, placing an offer on Internet sites - all these steps should sooner or later lead to a positive result. If this did not happen, you should seriously think about the quality of your work - perhaps it is not of interest to the readership or requires serious revision.