How do I change the IP address of my computer?

Each device connected to a network has a unique identifier for it - an IP address. Usually there are even two of them: for a local network (if several computers are connected directly or through a router) and for a global one - the Internet. Sometimes it is very useful to know how to change the IP address of a computer, and the reasons are not criminal at all. We study the instructions together.

Change local IP

Change internal IP in a private network is sometimes necessary if there is an address conflict or, for unclear reasons, devices refuse to communicate as neighbors. The local IP usually looks like - this is the address that is used to enter the settings of the router (in now rare cases, the ranges of the local network may be different). If the devices are networked directly, through the laid out patch cords, the addresses can be assigned to them manually. To do this, in the properties of the network connection (Start - Network Connections - Select the desired - right click of the mouse - item "Properties") we find the Internet Protocol version IPv4. Instead of the automatically assigned IP, enter the one we want to see. True, it must belong to the same address pool and must not coincide with those already available on the network. For example, instead of, you can use This address will be static.

If the devices are connected to the network via a router, then in most cases the DHCP server is enabled by default in its settings. This means that each node automatically gets an internal IP. Most often, these addresses will be dynamic, that is, when the computer, printer, laptop or tablet is reconnected to the home network, their address will change. In the settings of the router, you can register a permanent local IP for the selected device, and, if necessary, change it manually. The values ​​are selected depending on the pool of addresses (let's say 10 devices can receive IPs from to

Changing the external IP

Most often people are interested in whether it is possible to change the IP-address of a computer when there are any problems with the Internet. A ban or an error in connecting to game servers, inaccessibility of your favorite TV series due to the greed of copyright holders, a desire to browse sites from behind Roskomnadzor, conditions of anonymity and confidentiality - all this requires changing the external IP.

In most cases, users have a dynamic external IP address. The provider assigns it when connecting the device to its network, choosing from a number of available addresses. Each region of the Russian Federation and each operator has its own range, so that when entering the global network, the name of the provider company and the city or region are visible. Mobile operators can take a little liberties, sometimes assigning a connected device an IP address of a different region, which causes Internet services to intermittently fail. Terrestrial telecommunications are tied tightly. You can also enter a proxy address in the router settings.

Manual proxy configuration can be inconvenient when changing the address is required often or the selected server is overloaded, unavailable, does not work. To automatically change proxies, special utilities are used, which either allow you to do this in one click, or completely independently sort through the lists and select the available addresses. Some of them may be paid. If there is no need to use a proxy for games, torrent clients and other software that exploits the Internet connection, then it is permissible to use one of the many extensions that hide IP in the browser.

The most reliable and convenient way to change the external IP for connecting any programs, protecting Internet traffic, anonymity is to use a VPN service - a virtual private network. This service, as a rule, is paid, but its cost is not too high. In most cases, it requires the installation of special software, which, when launched, will take over the work on the Internet. The user only needs to select a country (if necessary) - and the global network will determine the location as he wishes.