How did Gagarin die?

Almost everyone on the territory of the former Soviet Union knows how he flew, and everyone knows what he said. But how did Gagarin die - a man-symbol, a man-era, a man-legend? Despite the completely transparent official version, the death of Yuri Gagarin from the very beginning was overgrown with rumors, sensations and versions.

Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin - the first person to be in space - died on March 27, 1968, 7 years after his famous flight. Together with an instructor, he tested the new MIG-15UTI aircraft, which crashed in the Vladimir region while landing. Both pilots were killed. According to the official version, the plane collided with a meteorological probe in conditions of limited visibility, due to which the pilots could not correctly assess the situation and take the car out of a tailspin. What else do people need who are looking for traces of conspiracies, gabni and UFOs in the death of a hero?

Rumors and versions gave rise to a secrecy label on the investigation of the death of Gagarin and instructor Seregin. In fact, everything connected with a figure of this magnitude, and Gagarin was already a world celebrity, the investigators could not help but classify - that was the time. Today the materials of the case are available, and experts say that the plane did not collide with the probe, but with another plane that accidentally entered the test zone. In a word, Gagarin was ruined by the traditional Russian "maybe".

In any case, be it a meteorological balloon or an accidental plane, the death of the pilot-cosmonaut was a tragic event, but by no means mysterious. However, people did not want to believe that their hero died so ingloriously, therefore, many conspiracy theories were bred in the minds of fellow citizens. From the time Gagarin died to the present day, they say that he was secretly arrested and kept in a secret mental hospital; that his death was arranged by the KGB, because a person should not be more important, more necessary and more heroic than a leader; that the First Cosmonaut, tired of fame, faked his death for the sake of a quiet life in the rural outback; that the equipment was disabled by a UFO...

In one version, it was announced that both pilots died, yielding to each other the right to eject first; in the end, it was too late for both. It was also reported that before the flight, the instructor had a conflict with the party bosses, which led to a tense atmosphere and decreased attention. But the version about the glass of vodka drunk before the test was not confirmed - the examination showed that the pilots were sober.

Maybe before the last flight Gagarin forgot to say his “let's go”? [eight].