How can I change my password in Maila?.

The safety of any system directly depends on the person. By setting simple passwords on certain services, users in most cases lose access to their accounts, since many hackers use brute-force attacks to obtain a password for an account. The more complex the login password is, the longer it will take hackers to crack. If the password has a complex structure, then it becomes simply impossible to crack it in the usual ways.

Electronic mailboxes are most often hacked, since it is e-mail that is used in most services as a means of confirming registration. Upon gaining access to an e-mail box, the cracker has a chance to recover passwords for all accounts to which the hacked e-mail is set as a mail box. In this regard, it is recommended to regularly change passwords for e-mail. But how do I change my password in Mayla?

Mail. RU is a popular postal service in Russia, which began its activity in the last century. The company itself recommends changing passwords at least every six months. If you notice "extraneous" activity on your mailbox, then immediately change your password. Thus, you will protect your mail from unauthorized access.

Instructions for changing the password on Mail. RU

So, to change the pass on Mail's mail service, go to the site and log in by entering login and password:

After authorization, click on the "Mail" link.

The service will automatically redirect you to the page with incoming letters. In the upper right corner next to the name of the mailbox, click on the "Settings" button.

A page with settings sections will open. In order to change your password, you will need to go to the "Password and Security" section.

On the new page, immediately below the “Password and Security” label, there is a “Change Password” button. We follow it to change the pass to your mailbox.

A small window will open where you will need to enter the new password twice, as well as the current password for the box. To confirm the change of registration, enter the code from the picture and click "Change".

Congratulations, your mailbox password has been successfully changed!

Password recovery after hacking

But how to change the password in Mayla if the mailbox was hacked? Changing the password in the above way will not work, since in most cases, after hacking an e-mail, the user loses access to the mailbox. To return access to the mailbox, you will need to reset your password. To restore the pass, go to the main page of the service and click on the link "Forgot your password?" or open the following address in the browser: In the window that opens, enter your mailbox and click "Restore".

Mail. Ru provides two ways to recover your password: using a phone number or an additional mailbox. We select the linked phone number and click "Get the code by SMS".

The phone will receive an SMS with an 8-digit code from the number 7761. Enter the received code in the appropriate window and click "Finish".

Now it remains only to enter the new password twice and click on the button "Enter the mail".

After successful password recovery, another SMS from Mail. RU will be sent to your phone with the text “The password has been changed in the box …”.

Be sure to indicate the phone number to the mailbox, as it is much easier and safer to recover a lost or stolen password through it.