Difference between xylophone and metallophone.

Such simple tools are often used as toys for children and are made in the appropriate design. Musical attributes of the chromatic type have a more complex structure and deeper sound. Plates in them are arranged in two rows by analogy with white and black piano keys. The possibilities of such tools are much wider, however, it will be much more difficult to master them. Another difference between a xylophone and a metallophone is that the former is often used in a symphony orchestra. His parts are included in the works of famous composers. The metallophone, on the other hand, is considered primarily an amateur and even children's instrument. While bells related to him are often present in the orchestra.

To summarize, what is the difference between a xylophone and a metallophone.

Xylophone Metallophone
Consists of wooden barsThe main role is played by metal plates
Deaf, non-cutting sound, original timbreMakes loud and sonorous sounds
Often used in a symphony orchestraConsidered an amateur and even a children's instrument