Difference between willow and willow.

Twigs of willow or willow with delicate, fluffy earrings evoke tenderness and awe. These plants are similar in many ways, but if you look closely, you can see some difference between them.



Family willow is characterized by a wide variety of specimens, united in three large genera. Willow belongs to only one of them. The plant is deciduous, presented in the form of a tree or shrub, very cheerful.



Willow can be said to be a species of willow. The plant has its own characteristics.



What is the difference between willow and willow, or rather, from other types of willow? Let's pay attention to the following signs:


Let's start with the earrings: in the willow, they are narrow, elongated, yellow; the willow is short, more rounded, light gray. Leaves: willow - long, pointed; the pussy willow is broad, with rounded ends, of medium size. Branches: Compared to willow, willow bends much more easily. Bark color: gray or greenish typical for willow; with a red, brown tint - for willow. If you look at each of the plants from afar, the willow will appear elongated, and the willow, with its spreading lashes, is spherical.

Time of flowering

This is another sign that explains the difference between a willow and a willow. When the willow is still dormant, the willow is already awakening with might and main after winter and begins to release its earrings. In a willow, this process begins after a while, simultaneously with the blooming of the leaves.

Place of growth

Willow is a lover of water bodies. You can meet the plant on the river bank, near a pond or lake. The willow is also found in swampy areas. The willow, on the other hand, does not differ in its attachment to water. It can be found almost everywhere.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

Iva Verba
Earrings are long, yellowEarrings are short, thick, light gray
Leaves are long, pointedLeaves are medium, round, wide
The branches bend easilyThe branches are difficult to bend
The bark is gray or greenishThe bark of red, brown shades
Globular crownThe whole plant has an elongated shape
It blooms lateIt blooms earlier
Inhabits water bodiesGrows everywhere