Difference between Volkswagen Caravel and Transporter.

Products of the German car factory "Volkswagen" have long been popular all over the world. Volkswagen is known not only for its passenger cars, but also for its minibuses.

The most popular models are the Caravel and the Transporter. Many motorists who decide to buy a Volkswagen minibus face a difficult choice - which model to buy, which is better - a Caravel or a Transporter?


Volkswagen Karavella - comfortable German minibus for passenger transportation.

Volkswagen Karavella

Volkswagen Transporter is a minibus for transporting goods or passengers, belongs to the economy class in the brand's lineup.

Volkswagen Transporter


The Transporter is the first and successful attempt of the concern to create its own minibus. The base for both buses is the same.

The main difference between the two minibuses is that the Transporter is a budget model. It is more designed for the transport of goods and workers than for a comfortable ride.

A caravel is a more expensive minibus with a good finish and a lot of useful little things for passengers. The very first glance at the salons of the two beads allows us to conclude that Caravel is the undisputed winner.

The interior of the Transporter's cabin looks cheap. The salon of the Caravel is comfortable, there is always a separate stove, ashtrays, climate control, high-quality and comfortable seats.

Naturally, the Caravel is significantly more expensive than the Transporter. In addition, the Caravel is produced only in the passenger version, and the Transporter can be cargo, cargo-passenger and passenger. These beads also differ in some technical features.

The Caravel is positioned as a family minibus with maximum convenience, and the Transporter is a workhorse without any special frills.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Volkswagen Karavella is a passenger minibus of superior comfort.
  2. Volkswagen Transporter is a cargo, cargo-passenger or passenger minibus of budgetary configuration.
  3. The Caravel is more suitable for family trips, and the Transporter is more suitable for transporting goods and workers.
  4. The Caravel has good upholstery, comfortable seats, climate control and other little things that increase the comfort of passengers, as well as a suspension that is softer than that of the Transporter.
  5. The caravel is produced in passenger version only.
  6. The Caravel is significantly more expensive than the Transporter.