Difference between vermouth and martini.

The Martini company is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages on the market. Her vermouths are popular all over the world. The name of the manufacturer in this case has become a household name, and often fortified wine based on wormwood and other medicinal herbs of its production is called not vermouth, but namely martini. This is the reason that some uninformed drinkers produced by the famous Italian company consider vermouth and martini to be completely different concepts, which is not at all true.


Vermouth - fortified wine with the addition of herbs, the main of which is wormwood.

Martini (Martini) - a brand of vermouth.


Vermouth is not just wine, it is a whole art. The number of herbs added to it can be up to 35 species, and the leading place among all herbs is wormwood, which gives the drink the well-known and beloved bitterness. True, not everyone likes vermouth. There are people who do not drink it at all, as the taste of herbal wine reminds them of a potion. There is a certain grain of truth in this comparison, because, according to legend, vermouth was invented by none other than Hippocrates even before our era, and was used precisely as a medicine.

Originally, vermouth was made only from white grapes. Now on sale there is not only white, but also pink and red vermouths.

Martini is a brand of vermouth produced in Italy. The famous company received its name in honor of one of its founders - Alessandro Martini. It has existed since 1863. That is, vermouth itself is much older than the famous Martini brand.

For a long time there was only one type of martini - Rosso. Now the line of vermouths of this brand includes 9 vermouths, among them the famous Rosato, Bianco, Extra Dry.

The highlight of the Martini brand is the almost complete absence of the bitterness that wormwood gives to the drink. A similar effect was achieved due to the special ratio of herbs in the wine. The martini recipe is a secret sealed with seven seals, it is only known that the company adds up to 35 extracts of various herbs to its drinks.

The Martini brand is the undoubted leader in the world vermouth market. Its main competitor is the Italian company Cinzano.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Vermouth is the name of fortified wine. Martini is a vermouth brand.
  2. Vermouth was invented before our era. The famous Italian company Martini was founded in 1863.
  3. Vermouth is made from wine with the addition of various herbs, the leading place among which is wormwood, which gives the drink a slight bitterness. The difference between martini and other vermouths is that some of its types do not have such bitterness.