Difference between twin and double number.

When booking a hotel room on one of the popular Internet services, a domestic traveler is often perplexed by many incomprehensible words. So what to choose: "twin" or "double", so as not to spoil the long-awaited vacation and get a good impression of the trip as a whole?


Twin - This is a double room in a hotel with two single beds.

Double is a hotel room with one double bed.


In most countries in Europe, Asia, Latin and Anglo-America, it is customary to classify hotels by stars, and rooms - by the number of people who should stay in them. For example, the Single room is designed for one traveler, so no one will be accommodating or delivering beds there for a super-economical traveler. Family room, or family room, is ready to host a family. For this, four single beds or one double and two single beds are prepared in it, which is very convenient for parents traveling with two or three children.

Twin room

The most popular are Twin room and Double room. Twin room, or twin, assumes the presence of two single beds in the room. The guest in the room can live alone or with a colleague, relative, friend. The price is charged by the hotel for the entire room, and not for the bed, as was customary in "soviet" sanatoriums and their followers on the Black Sea coast. If your booking form says “Twin Room: Single Occupancy” then only one person will receive breakfast. At the same time, tourists can live together, paying extra for lunch if desired. If the size of the room allows, a rollaway bed can be delivered to the Twin room without changing the cost of living. In some hotels you still have to pay extra for an extra bed. It is better to clarify such details individually with each hotel.

Double room

Double room, or double, assumes the presence of one double bed in the room. In most cases, such numbers are chosen by married couples. If there are extra square meters in the room, one folding bed or baby bed can be added to it.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. There are two beds in the Twin room, and one in the Double room.
  2. Double room is more often taken by couples, and friends, colleagues and relatives who want to save money on two rooms are in the Twin room.
  3. A Twin room in the same hotel is slightly more expensive than a Double room.