Difference between travel agency and tour operator.

When planning a trip, a potential tourist is slightly confused by the abundance of offers posted on the market by travel agencies and tour operators. Which of them should be entrusted with their rest, who will not let you down and will offer the highest quality recreational product at the best price?


Travel agency - is an intermediary firm that sells tours formed and organized by the tour operator.

Tour operator is a company that develops, forms and promotes tours to destinations popular among the masses.


Comparison of travel agency and tour operator is more logical to start with the latter. It is the tour operator that organizes the rest of the mass tourist. The employees of the tour operator form a travel package - they buy blocks of seats on the plane or independently book charter flights, organize transfers, accommodation, think over the nature of meals, ensure the implementation of planned services, and also calculate the price of the entire "product". After that, the tour operator transfers the finished tours to the travel agency or sells them independently. It is the tour operator that promotes its products in the media, popularizing in general the direction it has chosen.

A travel agency is a small company that resells a product organized by a tour operator to the public. It can trade tours of several organizing companies, offering clients the most profitable, or work under the brand, franchise, logo, emblem of only one tour operator, selling its products. At the same time, travel agencies provide the population with a number of additional services - the organization of excursions, delivery to the airport, hotel reservations in the port, if the purchased tour is a cruise.

Successful tour operators operate on the most popular destinations. They organize mass trips of tourists to Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia or excursion Europe. At the same time, they deliberately skimp on the price, depending on the demand for this type of recreation. Naturally, the price rises during the season, and when the demand for rest falls, it falls. But it is the tour operators who have the opportunity to cut the cost of the package trip by almost half, if a few days before the "start" they have unredeemed seats on the plane or pre-booked hotel rooms. When buying a tour in a travel agency, 3-5% of the funds paid by the client will settle at his box office - for mediation. But with a travel agency located near the house, on the next street, in your city, it is much more convenient to solve all monetary and documentation issues than with a tour operator, whose office can only be in the capital or other large cities.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The tour operator is the organizer of the tour, and travel agencies are the main sellers.
  2. Several tour operators and many travel agencies operate on the domestic market.
  3. The travel agency is more accessible to the consumer than the tour operator.
  4. Tour operators work with the most popular destinations, and the travel agency can arrange for the traveler to have an exclusive tour.