Difference between tourist and camping tents.

If you want to go camping with an overnight stay or if you need to spend a long time in the field, you should consider purchasing a suitable tent. However, there are several varieties of this kind of "dwelling". Let's dwell on two of them and find out how tourist tents differ from camping ones.

General information

is a waterproof awning stretched over the frame or supported by uprights (guy ropes). Such a product is mainly used to accommodate people spending time outdoors. It protects against wind, cold and precipitation.

Tents are also used by tourists and representatives of some professions: archaeologists, surveyors, and the military. In our case, we will focus specifically on equipment designed for those who like to relax in nature. A tourist tent is one of its varieties. It is sometimes also referred to as a marching one. This is how the product looks like:

But the camping tent:


In each case, the product are intended for use in specific environments. A camping tent is an indispensable item for light hiking trips. It is also held in high esteem by anglers and those who like to make long cycling trips. Simplicity of design and small size make up the difference between tourist tents and camping tents.

Accordingly, this type of equipment is not too heavy and can be carried even in a backpack. Such a "house" is not being erected for a long time, it is also built up without much difficulty. This is very convenient in case of daily movement along the route with stops for short-term rest and sleep.

However, if you plan to spend time in the company of friends or go out into the nature with the whole family, and at the same time it is supposed to stop for many days on the way, then the camping model will be the most suitable. These tents can accommodate a lot of people (unlike tourist tents, which are also single). They are spacious inside and, as a rule, are divided into compartments. One of the departments is traditionally a vestibule, where you can store property or equip a camp kitchen.

Conveniently, many camping tents are designed for full height. Awnings, mosquito nets and other accessories also provide maximum comfort for these models. We can say that camping tents are made for a luxurious holiday rather than for long journeys with short passes. However, they are somewhat more difficult to install than their tourist counterparts.

It is logical that such "sophisticated" equipment weighs a lot and therefore is an unbearable burden for a hiker. But when it is supposed to move, for example, by car or boat, transportation of the camping tent will not cause much trouble. But it is necessary to take into account that if it is cold outside, then in such a voluminous structure it can be quite cool - the air in it cools down quickly, but it takes a long time to warm up.

What is the difference between tourist and camping tents in terms of cost? It is not hard to guess that the latter are more expensive. And if in one case such costs are not entirely justified, then in another you can fork out to relax with comfort and pleasure.

Comparison table

Tourist (hiking) tent Camping tent
Suitable for hiking, overnight fishing, cyclingDesigned more for relaxing in one place
Simple designSophisticated design
Seats few peopleAlways multi-seat
Small sizeBulky Equipment
Low weightHeavy
Erects quicklyHarder to install
Often not highFairly high
It retains heat longerThe air in it cools down quickly
CheaperMore expensive