Difference between tornado and tornado.

Television channels often inform us about the rampant elements in some part of the world. Whole educational programs are devoted to some natural disasters. Tornadoes are among the most destructive and poorly studied. Only in some sources they are often called tornadoes. Whether these are the same phenomena, or there are differences between them, this is what we have to figure out.


By tornado means an air vortex in the form of a funnel, which forms under cumulus clouds. The diameter of the funnel can be several tens of meters, and the speed that the tornado develops is most often about 20-60 km / h, but there are also those whose speed exceeds 300 km / h. The nature of the occurrence of tornadoes is not fully understood, their occurrence is characterized by suddenness. Inside the tornado funnel, air moves downward, and outside - upward.

The most common tornadoes occur in America, where they are called tornadoes. Translated from Spanish, this just means a tornado.

In other countries, for example in Asia, where this natural disaster is not uncommon, the word tornado is more commonly used.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. A spontaneous natural phenomenon, a tornado is identical to a tornado.
  2. The name "tornado" is more common in America, while "tornado" is used to refer to this phenomenon in other countries.