Difference between tiptronic and automatic.

Despite the fact that the tiptronic has already firmly entered the life of many domestic motorists, the debate about which is better: a good old machine gun or an ultra-fashionable tiptronic still does not subside.

The domestic auto world was divided into two camps, one of which consists of adherents of the usual automatic transmission, the pros and cons of which have long been studied and known to everyone. Oppositional Tiptronic fans are convinced that we must keep up with the times, and the automatic transmission is the last century.

In order to understand which is still better, tiptronic or automatic, you need to find out the features and significant differences between both types of gearboxes.


Automaton represents a car gearbox, which is capable of independently, without the participation of the driver, changing gears while the car is moving.

Tiptronic is an automatic transmission of a special design, thanks to which the downshifts are carried out in auto mode, and the increase can also be carried out manually.


The main difference between an automatic machine and a tiptronic is that the automatic transmission is, in principle, deprived of the ability to manually switch gears. Tiptronic, on the other hand, not only works in the mode of a conventional automatic transmission, but also has the advantages of mechanics. For this, tiptronic provides a manual option for gear shifting.

Automatic transmission

This feature seems to be a solid advantage of the tiptronic over the automatic in terms of functionality. However, for tiptronic you will have to pay a round sum, the machine is much cheaper.

On the other hand, tiptronic allows the driver to take full control of the vehicle if necessary, for example, when driving on dirt roads and other difficult sections.

The tiptronic is also ahead of the automatic in terms of dynamics - if overtaking is necessary, the tiptronic can be easily transformed into a manual transmission and pick up speed faster than an automatic.


The advantages of the tiptronic are especially noticeable in winter, when engine braking is often required. An automatic machine cannot do this.

At the same time, simple control of the machine is available even to a beginner, who is unlikely to appreciate the advantages of a tiptronic, in contrast to an experienced driver.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Automatic - a transmission that independently switches speeds;
  2. Tiptronic - modification of the machine with the possibility of manual transmission control;
  3. Tiptronic provides mechanically comparable dynamics at the request of the driver;
  4. Tiptronic is convenient when overtaking and maneuvering in difficult areas;
  5. The automatic machine is substantially cheaper than the tiptronic;
  6. Tiptronic is good for experienced drivers, but automatic is preferable for beginners.