Difference between squash and squash

Another difference between squash and squash is that the second vegetable has a more porous, tender and juicy pulp. Unripe fruits with not yet formed seeds can be eaten raw, adding them to various salads. While the flesh of the squash is denser and dry, and therefore requires preliminary heat treatment. Both zucchini and squash are prepared in a wide variety of ways. They are boiled, fried, stewed, baked, stuffed, caviar is made from vegetables, etc. However, unlike zucchini, squash has gained particular popularity in pickled form. The canned vegetable tastes like porcini mushrooms.

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Patisson Zucchini
Fruits have a flattened dish-shaped or bell-shaped with denticles along the edgesOblong fruit shape
Small diameter (8-12 cm)The length of the vegetable can be up to half a meter
Not suitable for consumption when overripeOverripe fruits do not lose their nutritional properties, their shelf life reaches several months
The flesh is quite firm and dryPorous, tender and juicy flesh
Requires heat treatmentCan be eaten raw
Widely used in canningMore in demand in the everyday menu