Difference between specialty and qualifications.

It is not for nothing that they say that work ennobles a person, especially if work brings pleasure and prosperity. The material side of the profession is determined by such concepts as specialty and qualifications. How do they differ from each other and how to tell the difference? Let's try to understand this issue using reliable information.


Specialty - a set of knowledge obtained as a result of targeted training and confirmed by an appropriate document. Skills and abilities are necessary in order to successfully cope with the range of duties performed by him.

Qualification - the level of training, awarded according to the results of the assessment by an independent commission of a specialist's skills and documented. The skill scale is represented by levels (discharges), the movement along which occurs in the vertical direction.


Thus, a specialty is a set of knowledge, abilities and skills, and qualification is a level of mastery. The scope of concepts varies significantly. Specialty is an extremely broad term, which includes qualifications. A person can have several professions, and each of them has its own level of skill.

The process of their appropriation is somewhat different. So, to obtain a specialty, you need to undergo training, and then pass an exam in practice. After the start of professional activity, we can talk about the availability of qualifications. At first, this is the lowest level (rank), and then, as skills improve, it begins to grow.

Summing up, we note that a specialty is a profession, and qualification is a level of skill. How to prove that the applicant is really able to cope with the assigned tasks? You can confirm the specialty with a diploma, qualifications - only by practice.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The scope of concepts. Specialty is a broader concept, which includes the level of qualifications.
  2. Receiving. A specialty is assigned to a person after he has successfully completed training and passed the exams. A qualification is awarded upon acquiring a profession.
  3. Dynamics. The specialty received after training remains forever. The skill level can change: both for the better and for the worse.