Difference between shower gel and shampoo

Also, many quality shampoos contain vitamins and natural oils that promote hair growth and strengthening.

Let us dwell in more detail on the history of the origin of the remedy. Powdered shampoo was invented in 1903 by the German physicist Hans Schwarzkopf. It became the first branded hair cosmetic product. The assortment of products began to expand rapidly and soon there were already 8 items. In 1919, production reached a new level, and the product was officially named Schaumpoon. A few years later, liquid hair washes appeared on the market.


Let's make a reservation right away that in the article we will not touch upon universal hygiene products adapted for care of both the body and hair. They are in a separate category. We're going to talk about classic highly targeted products. In this context, the main difference between shower gel and shampoo is the purpose of the products. The first is used to wash the body, and the second is used to care for the hair. Accordingly, shower gels contain substances that moisturize and soften the skin, while shampoos contain substances that promote hair growth and strengthening. In any case, this is what the manufacturers say.

Almost all modern shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which foams well, is inexpensive and washes oil well from hair. It is also present in shower gels, but in small quantities. Since they contain fewer foaming agents, applying the product to the hair will be somewhat problematic. And the curls will get dirty much faster. Therefore, the use of regular shower gel as shampoo is only permissible in special cases. For example, if a person is in field conditions or his hair care product suddenly runs out.

To summarize, what is the difference between shower gel and shampoo.

Shower Gel Shampoo
Designed for washing the bodyDesigned for the care of curls
Contains substances that moisturize and soften the skinIncludes ingredients for hair growth and strengthening
Characterized by a low concentration of sodium lauryl sulfateThe sulfate content is an order of magnitude higher
Forms less foamand permanently removes oil from the hair surface